Dear MUB,

A friend of mine met a guy at her workplace. She said that his wife also works part-time there. However, that did not stop them from becoming lovers.

He smartly introduced her to his wife so that they could become friends and she wouldn’t suspect that they had something going on. It was not long before they started having sex. One thing led to another and they eventually fell in love.

Their relationship got so serious that whenever he messaged her and she didn’t reply, he would take the wife to see her so he could be in her company. He would take her shopping and to his part-time job.

Recently, he told her that he wants to end the love affair. His reasons being that he is going back to being fully committed to his Christian lifestyle and he doesn’t want his wife to find out about them because he fears that he might lose his family. He also let her know that he still has feelings for her and he is willing to help her out in any way he can.

My friend is devasted and is thinking about telling his wife everything. She feels sorry for his wife because he pretends to be a big Christian, yet he is continuously lying and cheating on his wife. My friend recently found out that he has been dealing with a young girl. When she confronted him about it, he fed her a bunch of lies. My friend is seeking advice on whether she should tell his wife or just continue blackmailing him?