He’s a Hypocrite, a Liar and he gave me an STD

Dear MUB,

I am one of four women that contracted an STD from a man I work with. I know I definitely can’t mention any names but everyone thinks that this man is a good, God-fearing, humble, Christian man but he is far from that.

The reputation that he tries to keep up is a big sham. That man is a liar, a thief and a whore who doesn’t even look after his family. Let me take you back to when I first met him. I had absolutely no idea that he had a woman. I eventually found out that he was in bed with me, his baby mother and another woman and he would still go to church and be singing on the pulpit.

When I found out about the second woman, he claimed it was a one-time thing but then I found out he had a woman living with him and then the baby mother showed up pregnant. You might say that I’m sick for this but his baby mother and I are friends up to this day and that’s why I can say with an honest mouth that he only looks after his child whenever it suits him. His baby mother refuses to sleep with him and she demands that he gives her money for their child every month.

He is so shady that in 2017, he never look after his child for that entire year and because his baby mama told people about it, he stopped talking to his child saying that she spoiled his reputation. Anyway, I recently stop sleeping with him because I’m not getting any money. He’s broke now and seems to be stressed out about his baby mother for telling people about him.

He loves her and when he talks about her, I can tell that even though he’s married, he would of rather her than his wife. He is angry for what she told people but she only did it because he refuses to talk and feed his child.

The D*** real big and sweet and he knows how to suck a P***y so yes, I stick around and sleep with him from time to time but I’m tired of filling in for his boring wife (his words) and I’m not getting any money. He owes a lot of people and I believe that it’s about time his wife finds a job and help him. I’m tired of hearing him moan like a child. He likes to blame people instead of looking in the mirror at himself and see that he is the problem.

I’m just writing this because I hear and see people talking and praising him to be this wonderful man. He needs to stop it because he’s NO Christian and he sins just like the rest of us. I can’t uphold him not looking after that child anymore and his wife needs to step up as a wife too.

I wish I could take back a lot of things that I’ve done but I can’t so I’m just here trying to change things now and I hope no one else feeds his sex problems and help him cover it up. I actually know another young lady that he’s talking to now and she has a man and he has multiple women so that’s another reason I have to leave this alone because syphilis was bad but HIV/AIDS cannot be cured. Yes, syphilis, that’s what he gave me or should I say us!