So I met this guy a few months ago while I was dropping off some documents at his workplace where I was interested in working at the time. I met him outside and gave him my documents to take inside since there was a security procedure. He offered to take up my documents so I gave them to him but then I said to myself let me just make sure he doesn’t bullshit me. I asked him how do I know you’re not going to go up there and forget to put my documents in the drop box? He was kind enough to give me his name and number and told me to call or WhatsApp him to check in or to see if he heard anything about hiring. He is a very handsome guy with a killer smile. I think I wet myself a little just looking at him. Anyways that same afternoon when I got back to work I checked my WhatsApp just so I could see his display picture. I sent him a message letting him know who I was and what not. Within seconds he replied and said he dropped my documents into the HR office and I needed to just cross my fingers from there … I did and I mean besides working for one of Antigua’s highest paying betting companies, I didn’t mind being his co-worker. We continued to talk on WhatsApp. He even called me a few times. I got to know him a little better and I find that he was very charming so my Antiguan instinct kinda kicked in and I began to wonder how a guy so handsome, has a good paying job, charming and all that still single. I read and know about these handsome guys being gay but I brushed that thought to the back of my head. He eventually asked me out and I accepted. I did not want to seem too desperate about it but the lord knows he was to fine for me to decline. He told me that he would pick me up but he had to do some things first and blah blah blah so I’d have to meet him by Donut Ace in town and we would leave from there. When I got to Donut Ace he was nowhere to be found. I tried calling him but he didn’t answer. He eventually called me back and said he was running late and asked if I could give him a little more time. I said ok. A little time turned into bout half an hour or more. When I finally decided to leave, he called me and asked where I was going he’s looking right at me. I turned around and there he was. I asked him where he was parked and he said that he gave his brother the car to do something and he hasn’t come back for him as yet so we would have to take a taxi. His story was off but I agreed to take the taxi with him. I asked him where were we going and he replied to a restaurant by the beach but he was going to go home and change and take the car from his brother who would have been home by the time we reached. Feeling skeptical about all of this I said nothing so he directed the taxi in front of this big nice, two-story house. We hopped out and he paid the driver. I saw a few cars parked outside but he says he doesn’t live there he lives a little further around the corner by now I’m hella annoyed because shit kept popping up yet I still said nothing. However, my face said it all. He pointed to a walkway and began walking towards it well more like thru it. It led to a little house which looked like Erma did some damage to it but still, I kept quiet. There was a man outside, he introduced me to him and said it was his uncle. He invited me into the house but I hesitated but then I thought to myself what if somebody pass and see me standing up out here looking all cute. To avoid the embarrassment I went inside. I was in shock as I stepped into the house I felt as if I was in one of those scary movie scenes. There were clothes on the front chair, clothes on the tv stand all of which looked musty as hell like it was all dirty. The tv, however, was about a good size brand new flat screen tv. He was nowhere in sight and from where I was standing I could see that the house was a two bedroom knock up. I tried to hide my facial expression in case he came around the corner but jah know I couldn’t. All this time I’m wondering why did this guy invited me to his place knowing it was in this condition is best he did take me straight to the restaurant if we were even going there in the first place. Anyways he came out from one of the rooms and was smiling at me which in return I smiled back. He said his brother ain’t reach home yet so I asked who’s car is outside he said his uncle fixes cars and whatever so I started to question him about going out and he said he still trying to sort it out. I couldn’t even sit anywhere in the house for how it was filthy. He went outside leaving me inside and told me he was coming back I felt like a rat, roach, or even a bat could fly out at me any minute. I was curious to see what the rest of the house was like. I immediately called my friend and told her what I was seeing as I crept through the house the bedrooms had no doors. One room had a bunk bed inside along with clothes and bags and papers all over the place. The next room door was hard to open but it had a big bed with clothes up to the windows. In spite all that I saw I tried my best not to judge him so quickly. I quickly went outside and told him I was leaving cuz I had to do something. He said he really wanted to spend time with me and he even tried to kiss me now with what I just saw inside the house I didn’t even want to know how he bathe or even brushed his teeth so I backed away. I really don’t know how people can live like that and are dressed to rags on the road.  I learned my lesson, not every hot boy out there got they shit together. *N.B * I still haven’t seen his car and I  found out that he doesn’t even have a drivers license.