Dear MUB,

I’d like you to send this message to the woman that found a message from me, in her man’s phone and was wondering why the chat was deleted. Your “man” is a good liar. Who only allows you to see what he wants you to see, but I have the real screenshots. You won’t believe it’s the same man you have in your bed every night, up and down in your vehicle, have sex with other women in your vehicle.

MUB that’s why no man can EVER drive my car! Dem too lies and outta order. But anyway it’s the love of her life.

Y’all ever hear people say a man always find a way to cheat? Well, believe me, that’s true! I beg and plead with this man and he just won’t leave me alone! But he loves his woman?

Help me out MUB. She really thinks she has the man on lock and key but to tell you the truth is the spare key she has! From all accounts and other women, I’m the one she will always have to worry about. ALWAYS!