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Dear MUB,

I‘m a man who usually preaches to people that everything happens for a reason but I can’t seem to accept what is currently happening to my marriage. When I sent in my story the first time, I failed to mention a lot of things because I was actually hoping she would read the story, see that I was willing to forgive her, and work on our marriage.

What I failed to mention was I knew my wife was cheating on me with the same guy that took her to Surf & Shades. I didn’t actually go through her phone, I planted a bug on it and have been breaking my heart watching her interact with this guy for a long time. MUB, she has been sleeping with this guy since January 12th and at one point she got pregnant for him and was making plans to move in with him and raise the family together but from what I gathered he has a woman and he wasn’t ready to end it with her.

MUB, I know you must be wondering how I endured all of that. It’s nothing but the grace of God. I’ve cried a lot and I know people are going and have a lot to say but I’m a big softy. I didn’t know how to approach her about the situation without tipping her off that I was spying on her. Plus at some point, I was just hoping that she would realize that the man is only interested in her body. He secretly buys her a lot of things that I can’t afford to get her. I don’t work for a lot of money and I’m currently in a little debt because of an accident I got into last year so I’m still making payments to the vehicle I damage.

She came home a few hours ago and went straight into the bathroom. I waited on the bed until she came out and asked her what did I do to her that is causing her to treat me the way she is. She seemed very annoyed by my question. She told me that she’s tired and doesn’t have any time to answer me. I said ok and left it there. After she got dressed and came to bed, I tried to put my hands around her and she knocked it off telling me not to touch her. I got a little upset and blurted out  “why because you already enjoyed yourself with the honda man?”  That made her angry immediately.

MUB, the things she said to me made me feel less than a dog. She compared me to him; belittling me in every possible manner. She was basically admitting that she has been having an affair with him. I told her about the bug on her phone and let her know that I knew everything and I’m willing to forgive her and put everything behind of me as long as she stops seeing the guy and come back to church with me. She told me to kiss her black ass and she just about had it with me. She went on her phone and called the guy to come for her. She then packed some clothes and waited out in the living room for him.

MUB, I begged and cried to my wife to stop the foolishness and let’s work on our marriage. I stood in front of the door but she went into the kitchen for a knife so I moved. MUB, I watched her go into the man’s car and drove off as if I’m not the man that she promised to be with for the rest of her life. MUB, You know what hurts the most? When she was comparing me to the guy because most of the things she said were true. He’s better looking, a better car, and financially stable to the point where he can buy her expensive gifts.

I don’t know what’s going to happen but I will not stop praying for her. She wasn’t always like this and I don’t know what caused her to change but I’m not going to give up on her so easy. I’m going to continue to pray and hope for the best. MUB, I was the happiest man in the world when I stood up at the altar and read my vows to my her. MUB, I love my wife to the core and I’m not going to give up on her so easy. I know that man doesn’t love her and It’s just a matter of time before she sees his true colors.

God doesn’t sleep. I might not be able to give her the luxuries she desires now but deep down she knows I love her and I’ll do anything for her.