Dear MUB,
My wife and I are Christians and it seems like she wants me to accept her decision to take part in ungodly activities but I am not about to give up on her so easy.

Out of the blue, she started going on like a pagan. She wants to be listening to all kinds of raga, raga music, she started drinking and she even mentioned to me that she wants to do a threesome. Have mercy!

I’ve spoken to her about it and she continues to disobey me. MUB, she even came home a day smelling like marijuana. Early up in the month, I went through her phone and saw her talking to one of her friends about going to Surf & Shades. First of all, she is a Christian so what the hell she has with that. Secondly, they made plans to go with two men who I know nothing about.

I said nothing to her. I wanted to know how low she really has fallen so every day I would check her phone and search the house for the Surf & Shades ticket. Yesterday, I found the ticket and her outfit hidden under the mattress. I know it was no one else but the lord that sent me under there to look for my passport.

I took them out and put them on the bed. When she came from by her friend, I asked her to explain what I found. She said she had no intention of telling me because I’m always overreacting and I would try to stop her from going. She was right about that. There was no way I was going to allow her to intentionally participate in sin. How can she go church in the morning and then go jump up after?

MUB, I went for the scissors and was about to cut up everything but she dragged them out of my hands and asked me if I’m “f**king crazy.” She started swearing all manner of evil at me. She told me that I am boring, I make her unhappy and all I think about is church. The last thing she said to me was kiss her black ass and l need to get a life.

I tried to reason with her but she packed some clothes and a dark guy in a silver Honda car picked her up. I prayed all night and read my Bible. I called her a few minutes ago begging her to come home so we can go to church but she told me to stop calling her phone and hung up on me.

We’ve only been married for two years but I’m really trying to hold the faith. I really love my wife and I want her to come back home. When I go to church, I’m going to say a special prayer so that she may come to her senses and return home to me safely after the event.