Dear MUB, 

I think I have the perfect boyfriend but deep down I’ve lost all of my feelings for him. We have been together for over 6 years. There is absolutely nothing wrong with him but I think my love has faded. 

I made a big mistake moving in with him. I believe that seeing and being around him every day doesn’t give me the opportunity to miss him. Before we decided to move in together, I use to get a migraine waiting to see him. 

There is no longer any excitement. Don’t get me wrong, our relationship isn’t boring. We go out on dates and do fun stuff, but now it feels like we are just best friends. I get more excited when other guys trouble me. 

I only have one life to live and I don’t want to be pretending anymore. My boyfriend is a really sweet guy and I know that he loves me to death.

The thing is, I found out that he’s planning on proposing to me and I want to get out of the relationship before he does. Someone, please tell me how can I end the relationship without things getting messy?