I Only Have A Taste For People Man

MUB, I just don’t understand how men are free to walk around and fuck any amount of women they feel like and everything is ok but as soon as a woman decides to have more than one sex partner, even though it’s for a good reason, she is automatically seen as a whore.

MUB, I’m addicted to sex. I don’t know if I developed the problem but from since I lost my virginity when I was 15 years old, I’ve never been the same again. It seems like I obtained the brain of a man because all I think about is sex. I have sex at least 4 times a week and whenever I can’t get someone to satisfy me, I use one of my toys, however, it doesn’t give me the full satisfaction.

Let me just make it clear that I’m not one to destroy relationships but I just prefer dealing with a man that has a woman. After I’m finished getting my dick, I don’t want any of that cuddling of lovey-dovey bullshit. As soon as a nigga gets out if my pussy I send his ass right out the door.

Almost 2 months ago, I was home horny asf and I couldn’t get any of the two guys I’ve been dealing with. One messaged me and told me that he was out with his woman and she will be spending the night by him. I figured that my other guy was probably under his woman as well. I respect that so I decided to just use my toy.

MUB, I used it about 3 times and for shit, I couldn’t get my hormones to shut the fuck up. I felt like I was going to burst if I didn’t get a dick inside me. I remember that there was this guy that has been dying to get between my legs. He’s hot af but the problem is, he was single at the time so that turned me off big time. MUB, I don’t care how hot a motherfucker is, I’m not entertaining any single man. I sent him a trick message asking him how was his relationship going. MUB, ma na go lie, when the dude message back and said “great,” I swear my pussy jumped.

It turns out that he had just dropped off food for his woman and was on his way home. MUB, I told him that there was a horse spider in my room and I’m afraid to go in there. Joy came to my heart when he asked me for directions so he could come and get it out for me.

From the time he stepped out of the car, I started to drip. This dude was 5x hotter than the last time I saw him. I could tell that he has been hitting the gym hard. I wanted to rape his ass from the time he entered my house. I stood by the bedroom door rubbing my vagina as he looked all over the room for the fake horse spider lol.

When I was tired of him looking, I told him that it probably crawled out of the window. I sat on the bed and told him to stay with me for a bit. I had on a big shirt and no underwear. I sat in a position so he could have seen a piece of my pussy without making it look obvious. I just kept on watching his dick waiting for it to get hard. He tried to hide it but I couldn’t wait any longer. I went closer to him and let him know it was ok. Before he had any time to think, I took out his dick and sucked the life out of it and then ride the shit out of him. (Please note that I always use protection. I can’t have people man giving me a yeast infection and shit)

It’s been about a month since we’ve been having sex. I put my other guys on paused because their sex couldn’t compare to his and he was always available.

Now, to the meat of the matter, Last week, I had another one of my uncontainable hormone problems and Mr was unavailable so I had to end up calling one of my other guys. He messaged me the next day to let me know that he was unavailable because he was with his woman so I told him I understand and he need not worry because I got someone else to help me out.

MUB, this guy seems to have thought that I was his woman or something. He got upset with me asking me how the fuck I give away his pussy and how I should have waited until he was available. I didn’t even entertain him. I just told him to do me a favor and delete my number.

Awdfyt! This man could be serious. He showed up at my house just as I was leaving to go work. He pushed me back inside saying we need to talk. I had to fuck him up. I had my heels in my had at the time so I started to hit him with it. One of my heels even broke. He is very strong so he took it away from me. I had to run in my kitchen for a knife to get him out of my house. I was so scared. I let him know if he ever shows up at my house again, I will call the police and tell his woman about his secret activities.

MUB, this fucker just reminded me why I don’t want any man. He has a whole woman and wants to determine who I allow to enter me. MUB, I’m a grown ass, independent woman and I have the right to live how I please. I might have a phobia for single men but at least I respect men that are in a relationship and I use protection all the time.