I remember the time my Boyfriend asked me back for “his money”

My then boyfriend and I were in a Box hand together for a total amount of $5000.00. I was throwing one alone and the second hand we threw together. He told me that once he gets his half of the money he was gonna divide it between his mother and me. So that’s $2500 divided into 2 which is $1250 each.

For my birthday, he decided to take me to Antigua for the Weekend. He promised to take me to a hotel and to have dinner once he gets his half of the box. When I collected the box hand, he told me to “control” it. He told me to purchase the tickets which were $300 each at the time. We went to Antigua the Thursday afternoon. His brother picked us up from the airport and took us to his home. When asked about the hotel, he replied that the hotel he wanted to take me was booked so we will be spending the Weekend at his brothers two bedroom home. Because I was upset I didn’t go out that night with him and his brother but he promised to take me out to a fancy restaurant the following night. He then asked me for some spending money ($300) which I gave him and told him to bring me back something to eat.

He sent back KFC for my dinner with someone I’ve never met. The following day, (my birthday) we went to a bar, where we practically spent the day. When I realized that the sun was setting and all I did for my big 30th birthday was hang out at a bar and play domino with strangers. I told him I was hungry and reminded him of his promise to go out to dinner. We then left but instead of returning to his brothers home to shower and get dolled up we went to Big Banana where we met his entourage.

To say I was upset would be an understatement. I sat stony face for the entire evening. If you dug me with a pin you wouldn’t get blood. I reminded him that I was hungry and he ordered me a plate of hot wings which out of the entire plate I only ate one piece of chicken because obviously, his friends were more hungry than I was. After I took out the first piece of chicken he passed around my chicken as if it was communion. Can u believe that was all I ate that night?

We ended up staying there until closing time. When the workers asked us to leave I was relieved. I just wanted my bed at that time but he had other plans. He wanted to go to another bar, mine you I haven’t showered since minutes to 7 in the morning. I told him I wanted to go home and he instructed one of his friends to take me home but not before asking me for some money. I gave him $250 and left. He never came back home until it was time for us to go to the airport.

We came back to Barbuda the Saturday morning and let me tell u how glad I was to step off that plane. I started talking to another guy that same day and eventually left my then boyfriend. When I ended the relationship with him, he asked me back for all the money that he “spent” on me for my birthday.  I asked him if he was serious and he had the gall to say yes.  MUB do the maths for me please: 300×2+300+250!

I went to the ATM and gave him the $100 that was remaining from his half. He said that if it wasn’t for my birthday he wouldn’t have gone to Antigua in the first place so he wa back his money.

I was so shocked that I didn’t even know what to think of him and I told him just that. I called him all kind of low down names. I must’ve made him feel shame and he cooked up some Nancy story about how he needs the money to send for his daughter who was sick in the hospital and the hospital bill was (you guessed it) $1250.

He harassed me every day for a week, came to my job, my friend’s job and harass them telling them that I owe him money. He even went to my new boyfriend and told him that I owe him money.  I got so upset that I went to the ATM and gave him the money right away. Up to this day, I haven’t spoken to him since and that was 5 years ago.