Dear MUB,

I must be the dumbest girl right now. Last week I went through my boyfriend phone while he was sleeping and I saw some naked pictures. I felt very hurt and betrayed because he promised me that he had changed. I was a fool to believe him. That was his last straw.

I knew if I confronted him about what I saw, he would just lie about it. So, I decided to keep quiet about it and do my own thing. There is this guy I have been talking to for over a month. He’s really cute and I admire a lot of things about him.

During the week we went out to eat and for revenge, I gave him piece. I didn’t feel bad about it because of what I saw. However, yesterday my bf friends came over and I overheard them talking about the pictures that I saw on his phone.  Based on what I gathered from their conversation, a friend from overseas sent it to their WhatsApp group. What hurt the most was when he told them that they need to stop sending those kinds of pictures into the group because he doesn’t want me to see them and think differently. I made a really bad decision and I don’t know what to do.