I’m not your father, taxi or atm card!

You can believe that after I finally decided to start dating again I got turned off for the same reasons why I decided to keep to myself. I can’t believe that in this 21st-century woman still begging and expecting man to do everything for them. I started dealing with this woman and in less than 5 months, I had to tell her to hold her side because it was obvious she was taking advantage of me. She used to take staff bus to go to work and from since I gave her a few rides to work it seems like I became her unpaid taxi. Not even a $10 dollar gas she offered me. Next, she wanted me to help her pay her rent. She was paying her rent fine before I came along. Why all of a sudden she started having difficulties paying? She doesn’t know how much money I work for just because see me dress up fancy to go work, she thinks I work for the world of money but she couldn’t be more wrong. You know what really ticked me off the most? When she asked me to give her $800 for her birthday. $800 dollars! I don’t even spend a good $100 dollars on myself for my birthday. Look, I didn’t even ask what she wanted the money for, I just kindly let her know that I’m not her father, taxi or atm card so I won’t be giving her any more money or rides. You know what happened next, the girl dropped some heavy bad words on me.  She said that she doesn’t need me, how I’m fake, if I think I’m the only man with money and car in Antigua and how she’s an independent woman. Sister, you’re not independent you’re a beggar! I’m going to save myself a headache and crawl back into my little hole. I’ll be praying for mother’s to start raising their daughters to be supporters of men and not beggars.