I’m Sleeping With My Best Friend’s Husband

Dear MUB,

I need help. I have been having sexual relations with my best friend’s husband for the past 3 months and I don’t know how to stop. We’ve been best friends for a long time. She got married to a guy that is younger than us a few years ago. After the wedding, I moved to the US, however, things weren’t working out for me and my boyfriend at the time. He couldn’t accept the fact that I was unable to get pregnant so I moved back to Antigua.

Starting over was not easy for me. Knowing the circumstances, my best friend told me that I could stay at her house until I got myself together. Everything was going good for the first month. Since I was home, I would cook and help around the house while my best friend and her husband were at work. She usually gets home by 5:30 pm and he gets home at 3:00 pm. At first, I never really spoke up to him but since I was living in his house, I got comfortable and we would make jokes with each other.

One afternoon, after I was done cooking, I was tired so I went to lay down and ended up falling asleep. Suddenly, I felt someone rubbing my private parts. I thought it was a dream until I opened my eyes and saw that it was my best friend’s husband. It felt so good. I didn’t know how to tell him to stop. He got hard, we started to kiss, clothes came off and we had some mad sex. An hour later my best friend came home we all had dinner together like we normally do, chat for a while then I went to bed.

That night I couldn’t sleep. All I could think about was the sweet dick I got earlier. The next morning, they went to work and I was trying to leave before he came home but he came extra early and told me that my pussy was the best he ever had. MUB he grabbed me, started to kiss me and rubbing me all over my body. He then put me on the kitchen counter and gave it to me. This man is young but he can “wuk me out good and a soo he strong.” Lord have mercy! After we were done, I went to cook and I kept on asking myself why am I doing this to my best friend. I felt so bad but I loved the feeling of him inside me.

The past few months we had sex almost every day. It got so bad that sometimes we would even do it when she is there. Sometimes I’m sleeping and all I feel is a stiff wood inside of me. I would tell him we cannot do it anymore and he would say let’s do it one more time but that’s never the case.

Since I’m working now, I thought it would be better but it just got worse. One day I came home from work and saw him outside talking to the neighbor so I hurried in the shower so I could lock my self in my room until my best friend came home but when I stepped out the bathroom he was standing waiting on me naked with a hard, he gave it to me so good that day that I wish I could just take it all night. I know this is wrong but I don’t know how to stop.

I finally decided to move out and get my own place. I was feeling a bit better in term of doing this to my best friend but her husband would still come over every night to give me that sweet dick. One day my best friend called and told me that she knows her husband loves her but she thinks he has someone else. She was even crying. I tried my best to comfort her and told her until she has proof, she has nothing to worry about.

Now things just got way out of hand. I found out that I’m pregnant. Last week, I told him and he wants me to keep it. He said that we all should sit and work something out. This young man must be crazy!

As I’m here writing to you, he just left my apartment. I got some really good sex from my sexy firm body, big dick best friend’s husband and the funny thing about all of this is he’s not even my type of guy.

Please help me MUB what should I do.

Dear Madam,


In your last paragraph, I observe that you said: “my” which probably means in your head he already belongs to you. This clearly indicates that you have the intention of being with him. You clearly enjoy what he has to offer and deep down you really don’t care about your best friend’s feelings.

However, I want you to take a brief moment and put yourself in your best friend’s shoes. Imagine that you invited her into your home when she was at her lowest and you found out that she is not only sleeping with the man that you’ve committed yourself to but she is pregnant with his child. This will help you to understand the level of betrayal your best friend is going to feel when she finds out. You haven’t just wrecked a home, you wrecked the home of your best friend. The person that suppose to be able to count on you when everyone else is against her.

Please remember that KARMA is a big bitch with bull bud. You think your best friend’s man dick sweet. You wait until KARMA rest one across your back. I wish you all the best and I hope the child does suffer as a result of your actions. Sooner or later your best friend is going to find out so it’s best that she hears it from you (preferably over the phone).

Also, please be aware that if your best friend’s husband could cheat on his wife with you (her best friend) I can only imagine what he will do to someone (you) that he is not legally bound to.