Jealous Boyfriend becomes hysterical After Overhearing Hangover 7 Plans from his Girlfriend’s Ex

A young lady reported that her boyfriend has somehow tapped into his immature nature and fought with her over a hangover 7 ticket. This occurred after he overheard a conversation between her ex-boyfriend and a co-worker.

According to the young lady, minutes after her boyfriend had finished working, he came over asking her to see her hangover ticket. “When he came into my room, he didn’t give me a hug, kiss or any form of greeting. The first words to come out of his mouth were ‘Give me ya damn Hangover ticket right now!”

“I was like excuse me, don’t you have any manners and why do you want my ticket? You know this dude went into my underwear drawer searching for the ticket. I had to ask him what the hell was his problem and why is he so interested in my ticket.” The young lady explained that her boyfriend completely ignored her and continued searching for the ticket. “I got off of my bed and pushed his ass away from my dressing table because he was throwing my clothes all over the place making a mess.” She said that as soon as she pushed him, he rushed up to her with a clenched fist demanding that she give him the ticket.

“I was so confused, I really didn’t know if he was joking or pulling some kind of prank because the ticket was right on top of the dressing table under one of my perfume. I would have given it to him but he was clearly behaving like an ass.”

According to the young lady, her boyfriend took up her phone and started going through it. “From the time he took away my phone I knew he was serious and his behavior clearly indicated that it had something to do with some man. Whatever it was I really didn’t care because I know I was innocent. I just dragged my phone out of his hands and told him that it’s best he go home and come back when he stop acting like an ass.”

“This man started making one big bag of noise on me talking about how he knows that I’m still talking to my ex and how he knows that my ex is also going to Hangover and how he knows that I’m planning to have sex with him after Hangover. MUB, he looked so silly standing up in front me talking all that shit that I burst out one big laugh. MUB, you know the boy slap me and ask me if I get joke. I took up one of my perfumes to drive it across his head but he managed to take it away from me and pushed me on the bed.”

She said that he happened to spot the Hangover ticket and took it up. “I tried to take it away from him and we ended up fighting for a good 5 minutes or so. He didn’t really hit me but he kept pushing me against the wall. I eventually let him go and told him to leave my house before I call the police.” According to the young lady, he walked towards the door with the ticket in his hand. “I told him to leave my ticket because his money didn’t pay for it. He turned around threw the ticket after me and told me that if he ever hears that I set foot at Hangover, consider our relationship over and he left.

She explained that after he left, she went and contacted her ex to find out what lies he told her man to cause him to behave in such a manner. Apparently, her ex and her boyfriend works at the same place and it turns out that he probably overheard him telling one of the workers how he plans to hook up with his ex after fetes at Hangover. “My boyfriend knows that my favorite time to have sex is when I come from a fete but that’s no reason for him to assume that it was me,” said the young lady.

The young lady said that she found that the manner in which her boyfriend reacted was very childish regardless of what he heard. “We’ve been in a relationship for about 2 years now, and I’ve never given him any reason to think that I would cheat on him so I don’t know why he’s so insecure all of a sudden.”

The young lady said that she explained what happened to her ex and asked him to clear up things with her boyfriend because she really wants to go to Hangover and she wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing that he’s upset with her.