Keisha Showed Up Unannounced

Disclaimer: Please note that this story is fictional and was written strictly for the purpose of entertainment.

John is 37 years old and is currently the manager for a well-known telecommunication company in Antigua. He met Keisha during the carnival season at an event called Surf and Shades. John is a married man but his wife currently lives in New Jersey with his two year old son. Although John and Keisha have some what gotten into a slightly serious relationship, he told her that he doesn’t want her to show up at his house unannounced.

Due to the absence of both water and electricity, staff members at Social Security were dismissed early that day. It was Wednesday and Keisha knew that John was off. She decided to go against his request and surprise him with a visit. It took her about 8 minutes to arrive at his home in Cedar Valley. It was evident that he was home because his vehicle was parked in the driveway. However, she had no idea who the other vehicle belonged to. John had given Keisha a spare key a few weeks ago so that she could have access to clean his house on the weekends when he’s out.

As she made her way upstairs, she suddenly heard the sounds of a woman mourning with pleasure. Keisha was in doubt until she heard a voice sexually calling out John’s name, begging him to go deeper. As Keisha carefully opened the door, she felt a sharp sting in her heart when she saw John’s face locked deep between a woman’s legs. The pain intensified when John lift up the woman and braced her against the wall while her legs were still wrapped around his neck. Unable to bear the sight, she quietly closed back the door and went into her vehicle.

Keisha didn’t know what to do. She sat in her car crying, thinking to herself that she was wrong for showing up without first giving John notice. Keisha drove a distance away from the house and waited almost an hour until the woman left. After the woman left, Keisha called John and told him what had happened at work and informed him that she was on her way over. She waited a few minutes giving John just enough time to clean up himself and get rid of the evidence.

When she went inside, John greeted her with a big kiss and told her that he had just gotten out of bed and was about to make breakfast. Keisha felt like she could explode but she kept it cool and pretended as though what she saw earlier, was just a dream.

Keisha knew if she told John about what she saw, he would deny it or he would blame her for breaking his rule where she was not allowed to show up at his house without first seeking his permission. She also knew that if she didn’t play her cards right, there was a high risk of her being replaced by the younger and more skilful young woman who she witnessed had the abilities to out perform her.

In the short space of time that Keisha had been with John, she was given a brand new Honda Fit and her bank account moved from 3 to 5 figures. Instead of starting a losing battle, Keisha prepared breakfast for John. After which, she gave him a massage and a warm bubble bath.

On her way back to the bathroom with a towel, Keisha saw John phone vibrating. On the screen she saw …(to be continued)

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