Management Is Taking Advantage Of Us

Dear MUB,

I‘m an employee at a hotel out East and  I really think that the Antigua’s Worker’s Union should make it their business to ensure that workers are comfortable in their working environment. Similar to health inspectors, there should be “work inspectors” going around to ensure workers are not being taken advantage of. Providing someone with a Job doesn’t give you the right to treat them in whatever manner you desire.

I find it strange that employees are not provided with meals or meal allowance, yet we are prohibited from purchasing the food at the hotel since the resort is considered an all-inclusive resort. What makes matters worse is there’s are no food vendors in walking distance. Many times, I’ve tried waking up early or preparing food in advance but my responsibilities don’t often permit me to do so. Sometimes I have no choice but to go home with a gassy stomach or a migraine.

Added to that, there isn’t a Human Resource Manager to ensure that staff is receiving adequate training, benefits & compensation, proper staffing in each department or adequate working conditions.

It appears as though management is doing everything in their power to reduce money and profit off of us employees. It’s more than a 20 minutes drive and not even travel allowance is provided. In the instance you missed the staff bus which is normally full to capacity, the taxi fare to get to work is more or equivalent to a day’s pay.

I choose to share my concerns on your platform because I know confidentiality is your #1 priority and I am really afraid of losing my job. I’ve stories of people getting fired or laid off for speaking out. A coworker even warned me about saying anything about our working conditions without suffering a serve backlash. I was told to collect my paycheck and be thankful. MUB, we are in 2019 and you mean to tell me that I have to be working under slave mentality conditions!  I really hope that something is done very soon because it is becoming overbearing.

Unions need to start getting more active. They cannot be collecting money out of people salaries and only  get involved when there are an issue and most of the times they are ineffective in dealing with the matter. How about they work on creating preventative measures rather money than wait until there is an issue. Something needs to be done!