Countless fathers are reporting the troubling issue about mothers abusing their child support money.

Apparently, mothers have been using fathers hard earned dollars to purchase fete tickets, costumes, carnival outfits, and t-shirt mas packages. Some even went as far as renting vehicles for their kip man.

A father reported that the mother of his child told him that his daughter badly needed money to remove a tooth that was hurting her the previous night. Without hesitation, he went to the atm, got the money and gave it to the mother.

Surprisingly, the next day, he saw his daughter in town and inquired about her visit to the dentist. “Dentist for wa!” the daughter replied cluelessly. “I don’t have any problem with my teeth”. He later found out that the mother used the money to purchase two icons T-shirt mas packages; one for herself and one for her current boyfriend.

Unable to give back the money, the father detained the two t-shirt mas packages. They are currently for sale on Buy N’ Sale Antigua.

Another father reported that his baby mother tricked him into giving her money to purchase Huggies pampers.

“I found it strange that she asked for the money this time. She usually asks me to buy the case and bring it to the house”.

He later found out that her mother had sent down a barrel of pampers for the baby. It turns out that she had been using the money to purchase her Insane costume.

Fathers are appealing to the government to do something about this serious issue. “This is getting out of hand. We cannot continue to give our hard earn money to these bacchanal women. If we don’t take care of our children they will take us to court”. Words of an angry father.

MUB knows that carnival season can cause many to do some ridiculous thing. Especially women! We urge you to have a little sympathy for the caring baby fathers who are taking care of their child/children. They are limited!

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