Dear MUB,

I’m a young woman in my 20’s in a very upstanding medical job who had a very active sex life.

When I was young, it got worst after secondary school. During my days at secondary school, I had sex with a few men but I mostly went with girls.

MUB, I had so much sex with woman were  in committed relationship with man that I lost count but it’s only now that I’ve lost count of the men I have slept with.

I’m very cautious and I know what signs and symptoms to look for I even go as far as sending a few of them to get tested. Even before the STD stories.

I was with my baby father for 7 years and during that time I tried to stay faithful but them man in this country love to have sex no matter if they have wife or girlfriend. I’ve come to realize that it really doesn’t matter to them.

I tired block them but soon as they see me they start to remince and I would reconnect with them.

My Baby father and I broke up because he very lie and it we were both fooling around on the side. Eventually, we both came clean but his was worse. We have 2 children together but we never slept with each other since we called it quits.

I met a guy younger than me and we’ve been going at it for over a year he does what he can for me and the boys but he never has enough because he doesn’t work for much, he doesn’t drive and we don’t live together so I can move around freely.

MUB, I saw some things in his phone. He very flirtatious with them young girls and he loves to delete his messages and turn off his data so I will never find nothing concrete.

I tried to be faithful but I missed the girls and the guys went crazy when I chose him and they just kept coming. I’m a woman who is always horny and always wet and they know it.

One of them in a very professional job told me it’s too sweet and always tight so he will never stop and it’s been years so we stop using condoms. I block him so many times but I admit it’s the best sex I ever had.

My bf really sex me good but he is not a freak so he don’t go down low and so but this guy makes a dinner plate if every hole below my waist. Especially, the back door so I get it often in there.

I’m a woman who people would say have turtle flesh so as you come out both holes close back up like it wasn’t even touched and I also do Kegal exercises to tighten it.

I’m also on 2 dating sites where I meet a whole ton of  women and have sex with just a few guys  from other Caribbean islands.

My bf really loves me. He spend all his little money on me and so but I just can’t stop having sex with who turns me on.

I know some of your followers going to have a lot to say  but many of them are just like me or worst.

When they tell me their stories, I just pretend to be a angel but Antiguan women sex just as hard as Antiguan man but we can hide that shit way way better so when I see man saying woman bad they might not be wrong but I see how really bad both sides are. I know you all gonna have lots of negative things to say also I don’t need any education on what I’m doing.

MUB, I’ve been hurt so many time so I guess I decided until I’m married to a man, I won’t stop having sex with who I want because man are just as bad and we woman just won’t wise up and let them taste they own medicine so here is one woman who stop cry over man.

I’m done try kill myself for my baby father try cut wrist and so but never again because I feel happy that I’m not a weak woman anymore.