My Boyfriend Had To Step In

Dear MUB,

I read the post about the mother and her two children and I’m actually going through the same BS at the moment.

I have 3 children with this deadbeat father that I’ve been with for 11 years. We were actually married for 3 years but he was abusive so I took my leave because I didn’t want to be the next victim on the news. Both my girls are citizens of America so they attend school in NYC but my son lives here with me.

My girls came home for the summer and were scheduled to leave Tuesday gone. Over the summer, I made sure I let him know that whenever he gives me money for the children, I’m going to put it up to purchase school supplies for when they go back to America so I won’t have the headache when the time is near. Throughout the duration of the summer, this man only gave me $600.

After that I called, I text and it was always some BS about he’s not home, he didn’t go to work because it was raining. You name it, this man came up with every trick he could find. I eventually got tired of calling and stop asking but on Friday I called him an reminded him about our girls leaving on Tuesday and I needed his help to pay for their bags on American airlines which is 30us each. We also had to get a letter from a lawyer stating that I gave my mom permission for my kids to travel with her and MUB, that letter cost a 100ec.

I called him the Friday and asked him what’s his location so I could collect the balance of the money and the 30us to pay for the bag. He said, “oh I’ll put it on your account on Monday so send your account number.” MUB, I didn’t argue. I said okay no problem and sent my account number in a text message.

Monday morning my mom came for me and I went to the bank so I could get the money to go to the lawyer. No money was there. I called 6 times and even sent him messages but he never responded. Look, I cried. My mom was really pissed off but thank God I had a knight and shining armor (my boyfriend). He called to see how my day was going because I was on his mind and from the time he heard my voice he figured something was wrong and asked what happened.

I explained everything to him and all he asked was what’s your location. MUB, I kid you not, he came in less than 25 minutes with not only the money to pay the lawyer but also to pay for the bags. On top of that yesterday, he took me to get my son’s school supplies. Can you believe that this waste man of a father is bashing my boyfriend for stepping in while his athletic of an ass decided to run from his responsibilities just because I don’t want to be with his ass from since we broke up?

I’ve been dating this guy and all the father of my children do is cuss out the man and this man do everything a father would do for their children. My 3 children adore him because they see how he treats me and they even talk about him more than their father.

My son called his dad asking him to buy a pair of slippers for him and all now my son still waiting. My boyfriend took my son, never told me where he was taking him and I didn’t ask. When they came back, my son came running to me saying, “look what I got!” It was a pair of slippers. I’m so grateful to have a man like him that can help me out in what little way he can. I do work but the job I’m working doesn’t pay much and from since my boyfriend came into my life, he has been doing his best to assist me and my children.

When I was together with the father of my children I had no problems whatsoever to get my kids money but since I decided to leave because I couldn’t stay in an abusive relationship anymore, he tries to spite me by not giving me my kids money but praise the Lord that they won’t go hungry and they will go to school looking there best.