Dear MUB,

I’ve found evidence that leads me to believe that my girlfriend is involved with one of her female friends behind my back. I first suspected that something was wrong when I came home from work a day and saw both of them naked in the bedroom. I didn’t see them doing anything, but when I inquired as to why they were naked, they laughed and said that they were just trying on some “new clothes”. However, there wasn’t a single piece of new clothing in sight.

The following week I came home earlier than usual and found them in the shower together. My girlfriend explained that she was helping her apply a skin product on her back.

I’ve confronted my girlfriend about my suspicion, but she assured me that nothing is going on between them and I’m just being a jealous boyfriend. Saturday, they went on a day pass at Jolly beach. I was not invited because my girlfriend said it was a girl’s lime. She came home completely exhausted and went straight to bed. Being the good boyfriend that I am, I decided to wash out her wet clothing. To my surprise, when I emptied her bag I found a strap on, handcuffs and a whip. When she went into a deep sleep I checked her body and there were whip marks on her ass.

I’m not sure if I should turn a blind eye since she’s dealing with a female or if I should confront her and stop her from seeing her friend. I really don’t know what to do because since she got involved with this friend, she has been smiling a lot. What should I do?