Dear MUB,

I think it’s about time that women stand up and fight for what is right. I have a very troubling situation that seems to be bothering me. I currently live with my man, I love him and I respect him a lot. I work but not for a lot of money so I throw BOX with the little pay I get so I can make ends meet.

I always ensure that my BOX hand is paid, I have my half of the rent and food is in the house to eat. I wash his and his daughter’s clothes, I ensure hot food is on the table when he comes home from work, and his daughter’s hair is well combed to go to school in the mornings.

Every time he works and he gets paid, he never once said, “babes, this is yours for the hard work you do for me and my child.” MUB, I don’t believe that a woman should be asking a man for money when they are in a relationship. He should know way he stands and his position as a man.

I struggle at times and is not everything you can tell your man, certain things you should keep to yourself but I am sick and tired of telling him that I’m not supposed to be asking him for money. He should know what to do cause I play my part and I also have needs.

MUB, do you think it is right for a woman to have a man, doing all the work for him and his child that doesn’t belong to you and you’re not getting any income from him? Now, I have a good man friend who I sleep with and give pleasure just for a good change. He offers to help me out and I have a whole man that I lie down with every night who breathes his breath in my face and can’t give me a dollar!

Sometimes I cry because I don’t know why I kill out myself for him. Sometimes I hardly can buy things for myself but I know the box I throw will help. When I got my Box hand, he borrowed a good amount of money from me to pay off his immigration and all now he can’t pay it back. I am struggling, I feel unappreciated and I don’t see the purpose of having a man.

What do you think about all this?