I would really like to know why parents think that it’s a must to attend Antigua State College? They think that everyone wants to be a doctor, lawyer or accountant?

Long before I took CXC I made it clear to my mother that I want to attend ABHTI because it’s my dream to become a chef.  She didn’t have a problem at first. Now, all of a sudden because some friend of hers whisper something in her ear, she’s forcing me to go to college.

I tried explaining to her that I’ll be wasting my time going to college because they don’t offer courses for what I want to become. She told me that she will not be giving me any money to register for ABHTI and if I didn’t register for college she would stop feeding me.

I tried going behind her back to register for ABHTI, but she found out the same day because my brother who I had asked for some money to pay the registration fee, called her to find out why she forcing me to go to college. That sparked off one big argument and I was in the middle. of it.

When I got my letter from college, I was praying that I wasn’t accepted. Hoping that I would get a chance to do what I wanted. Now, I am forced to go to A-levels to do subjects that I have absolutely no interest in doing.