Dear MUB,

I have a confession to make because it is weighing heavily on my mind. This situation has been carrying on since last year and due to what has happened, I am compelled to speak my mind and clear my conscience.

I have been having sex with my neighbor’s wife and now she is pregnant with my child. I’ll just give a quick rundown of how it happened. They moved into the house beside mine as it is a Rental property. I was home the day when they were moving in and I saw the woman and me nar lie, I thought to myself “she looked like a fresh bowl of curry goat waiting to be devoured!”

Anyway, they settled in and it wasn’t long before we got to know each other. Her husband works at night so he is seldom home during those times. They have no children and as a result, the wife is alone a lot. I know it wasn’t my problem so I minded my business. I should mention that I live alone just so that is clear!

One night, I am sitting on my front porch burning a Joint and the wife comes to the fence and asked if I can assist her with something. I said okay cool, and I walked over to her house. When I got to the door, I knocked and she told me to come inside. MUB, when I saw the woman right, me nearly tek een! My girl in one-piece of Nighty and the Nipple dem well stiff. Me decide fi just cool and ask she wa she wanted help with? She said to me “close the door” and she’ll explain.

Long story short, my gal start tell me bout she husband never there and how she wants a child and he na ready for that yet and how she lonely. Now MUB, all them time fu me my mini soldier hard cuz she was sitting across from me and it seems like she forgot to put on panties so all the cyakkle on display! That night we ended up having unprotected sex, yes I know we took risks but we got caught up in the moment. She would always wait until her husband left to invite me over or sometimes she comes to my house.

I can honestly say that the sex is mouth-watering and I was enjoying myself. She is 8 year’s older than I am! We have never used a condom because she told me that she is on birth control. One night she came by me and said we needed to talk. She eventually told me that she is 7 week’s pregnant and she knows it’s mine because her husband nar and I quote, “Dash no wata inna she belly.”

I asked her what happened to the birth control? She told me she hasn’t been taking it as she should. I was a bit shocked but happy cuz I always wanted a child. I asked her what is she gonna do? Her response was; she is going to tell her husband it’s his because she doesn’t wanna ruin her marriage and go through a Divorce.

I felt bad because I wanna be apart of the child’s life but I also don’t wanna screw up her marriage. I don’t know what to do at this point and any advice would be appreciated.