My neighbour is fixated on me

Dear MUB,

I’ve been living in an area from since 2015 and I have a neighbor that lives on the next side of the road who has been giving me hells because he is begging me sex and I don’t take him on.

He lives with his woman and all 12 o’clock in the night he sits outside watching my house. Every time I look out the window the man staring straight at my house. He would do all kinds of things to get my attention and because I refuse to give him any, he starts doing all kind of things to spite me.

Lately, whenever I come home to park he block up my parking. I don’t say a word to him since government road doesn’t belong to me. I just park by a friend that lives close to me. Now, cause he sees that I’m not making any noise or saying anything he waits until I leave home on go park right where I was. So I have to be parking wherever is most convenient for me. I can’t have peace with this man he is making me feel very uncomfortable.

How can someone be so fixated on someone that doesn’t want anything to do with them? All beacuse I refuse to give him piece. He’s very smart with the things he does. He doesn’t do anything to give me a good reason to report his ass. What can I do about this situation?