Dear MUB,
I was furious. How the hell did she find us? Was she tracking her man? As we were leaving, I was explaining to my friend what happened and guess who we saw parked at the end of the road, his woman!
The car has on really dark tint so she couldn’t see who was inside but she started following us. Lord, what did I get myself into? I called him and let him know that his woman was following us. He told me to go to the police station and wait there until his friend came and meet us. We got to the police station and parked in front. However, she did not follow us inside. She drove past the police station. We waited there until his friend showed up and he followed us to my friend’s house.

I’ve been dealing with this guy for over two and a half years now and he has never called me on a Sunday. NEVER! That Sunday, I had about 11 missed calls. Of course, I ignored him because I told myself I was done with him and it’s time to walk away.

For the next three days, I ignored him completely. Monday morning I got flowers at work with a card that said, “I’m sorry.” During my lunch break, I took them to his work and left them with the security guard and told him who to give them to. I wanted to send a very clear message which was leave me alone.

Tuesday, I got a $100 top up on my phone and lunch from Big Banana. I was hungry that morning because I only had a cup of tea and a banana because I was running late, but I was sticking to my word, so I returned the lunch and went and bought my own lunch. He sent a message asking if I got the top-up. I read and didn’t respond.

Wednesday afternoon he came to my work and left a package for me. When I opened it, it was a 14k gold necklace and matching bracelet. Of course, I was not going to return that, so I messaged him the next day. He asked to see me and I told him I would let him know. The following week I received a bag and a wallet from land and lunch on two separate days. I agreed to see him, so we met for dinner.

We were talking again, but we weren’t spending any time together. We haven’t had sex in almost a month and he was begging me to.  When his woman left the island, we spent the weekend at Sandals. Clearly, he missed the sex because he devoured every inch of me.

I told him if he wants me to stay with him and put up with this crazy situation, I need a car and an apartment. He asked me what kind of car I wanted and I told him it doesn’t matter. He told me I could live in one of his apartments but I declined and told him I wanted a place where I felt comfortable when we are together. Of course, he ate it all up and agreed. He told me to start looking for the apartment and he will start working on the car.

I found a one-bedroom apartment and told him the rent was $1500 (it was actually $1000). He gave me $6000. I paid the deposit, first-month rent and four months rent in advance. I told him I needed furniture. He told me to go to Townhouse Mega Store, ask for a particular person and let them know who I was they will be expecting me. I took the furniture I wanted and they were delivered to my apartment that weekend.

Two months later, I got a Honda Accord. He gave me the ownership papers for the car and told me I had to pay for the licensing and insurance myself.

We fell into a routine. He would come by me every Saturday morning. We no longer met at night. Sometimes he couldn’t wait a whole week to see me and would ask to see me earlier. I NEVER said no to him. I was always available. Things were good again. The money and the gifts kept coming and the sex was even better.

One day, I was having lunch with my friend when I saw his woman walk into the restaurant looking around. She spotted me and walked straight towards my table. I mumbled under my breath “oh f**k.” She stood at the table, looked directly at me and said, “I hope you get all you can get now because he soon get rid of you. He just using you for sex, because you don’t have anything else to offer.” She called me a bitch and a whore said a few other things then left.

I called him and let him know what happened. We agreed to meet at my place later. He came by and I explained again what happened. He told me “ya fren set you up.”

Now MUB, of course, I told him no way, she wouldn’t do that. We’ve been friends for so long and so on. He asked me “how would she have known where you guys were and she was probably the one that told her we were at the guest house.”

It quickly escalated into an argument because I kept insisting my friend of 7 plus years would never do me that. He told me I was an intelligent girl but I am very gullible and stupid and he left. He called the next day and said sorry for calling me stupid and we talked for a bit. He told me since I don’t believe him, let’s set up my friend. We decided I would tell her a lie and see if it got back to his woman. I distanced myself from my friend for the whole week. I told her I was traveling. She came by me the following week and I told her me and sugar daddy went to St. Martin (complete lie).

MUB, she probably couldn’t wait to tell his woman because bright and early the next day, sugar daddy sent me a voice message of his woman cussing him. Telling him oh he can go St. Martin with me and carry me shopping and this and that. MUB, I couldn’t believe it. My friend set me up. I called her and told her to let’s go to lunch, my treat. Of course, she showed up. I played the voice note for her. She tried to deny it and say she didn’t say anything. I told her “we actually didn’t go to St. Martin, I only told you that to see if it would get back to his woman, and it did”.

To be continued……