My woman always provoking me…

MUB, sometimes I can’t stand this woman of mine. I’m in the kitchen washing up the dutty dishes that were left in the sink since last night. I’m upset because my woman home all day and I came home and met the house in the same untidy condition I left it in before I went to work. Ma say ma na go complain because I know she going to give me some lame ass excuse and we might start arguing so I decided to just tidy up the place.

So, while I was washing up, I heard the song “I’m going to be single forever” start playing, so I started singing it out loud. All of a sudden, me feel one hard lash across ma back. MUB, the woman came out of the bedroom and nack me one hard lick with a belt across ma back talking about na sing that song in the house.

Look ma get so bex right, ma just left the dishes, tek up ma car keys and left the house because ma know if  I stayed there the box mi wudda gi she right, police wudda come for me.

So, I’m parked up in Epicurean parking lot eating some imitation KFC chicken trying to cool off ma head. You know the woman sent me a message asking me how long am I going to stay in my bitchy mood for because I need to hurry up and get my punk ass home so I can finish washing up the dishes because she wants to start cooking dinner.

MUB, you see how this woman loves to provoke me.