A woman reported that due to her neighbor’s inability to mind her business she is now having problems in her relationship. The woman told MUB that a few weeks after her boyfriend got close to the neighbor, she has been telling him lies on her

According to the woman,  one day she came home from work and saw her boyfriend planting flowers in the neighbor’s yard. She got so angry that she embarrassed both of them publicly. She noted that from ever since that day, her neighbor “skins up her face like she’s smelling shit” everytime she sees her. “Look, me min so bex when me drive up and see him digging dirt to go plant flower. He never plant a single tree in my yard, but he over there in the dirt. Look me get so bex me just cuss he and she. Cause the last time I check, she hab two big hard tone pickney living with her,” said the woman.

According to the woman, a few nights ago, one of her coworkers came to drop off some office documents and her neighbor went and told her boyfriend the next day. “This woman so lie right! You can believe she went back and tell my man that a man came there to me and how I was leaning up on his car flirting with him. Look me buse she see!”

“Two days ago my coworker was in the village, so he decided to pass and say hi. He was thirsty so I invited him inside to get some water. You know the woman called my husband and tell him I have a man in the house!” She said that when her man came home for work they had a massive argument. Apparently, he wanted to know why she had her coworker in the house and she wanted to know why the neighbor had his number.  “I can bet she was over there laughing her guts out when she heard us cursing, but let her go ahead. I have some stale piss I’m saving up in a bucket waiting for her,” said the woman

The woman explained that because of her nosey neighbor there is currently great tension in her relationship. She also said that she believes that her neighbor wants her man, “Me done tell he if me catch he over dey again he better dig two graves beside the flowers he planted,” she said. She also said that she typed up a “nice” little letter and gave it to the neighbor. She explained that the letter nicely explains what will happen if her neighbor interferes with her man again. 

MUB informed the woman that although it is understandable that she is defending her human property, it is not a good thing to send threats. She was also informed to keep a close eye on the neighbor so that MUB can get more stories to share.