Nothing Tarl Go So

Sunday morning around 11: 15 AM, a young man sent a message revealing that due to slight intoxication, he ended up sleeping with the girl that his “boy” is currently dealing with. See conversation below.

After the screenshots were released, many waited anxiously to find out how things went down between the two long-lasting friends. Unfortunately, the young man has yet to give word on the issue. However, around minutes to 7:00 PM, the young lady claiming to be the “girl” the young man refered to in the screenshot, contacted MUB to shed some light on the issue. This is her side of the story.

Dear MUB,

Believe me when I say NOTHING TARL GO SO! This f-ing punk twist up the story so much, it na even funny. I never met a man so lie in my entire life. First of all, if you see how this boy looks right. He is far from my type.

I got up this morning a little after 10:00 AM in my own bed. I’ve been busy washing and getting myself and my son uniform and so ready for tomorrow. I was so busy that I only turned on my phone a little after 3:00 PM. Only to see a million and one messages from my man. I was shocked when I see him calling me bitch and telling me things like how he can’t believe I slept with his friend and one bunch of shit that made no sense to me at the time.

After I saw the messages, I called him to find out exactly what was going on. As soon as he answered the phone, he started to jump down my throat. I had to shout to get a chance to speak. I let him know that he’s falsely accusing me and his friend is lying to him. MUB, this man ar tell me how I lie and one bunch of shit. I realize that I wasn’t getting to him over the phone so I finished what I was doing, begged a ride and I went over by him. When I went by him, there was the lying rat sitting in the livingroom. He so damn lie that he couldn’t even look me in my face. As soon as he saw me, he got up and said how he na tap ya cause he done know me go lie and he na wa fu knock me so is best he leave.

MUB, me min so bex right that ma tan up infront of the door and tell he na fu go no way cause he lie nf. Now, instead my stupid ass man have the common sense to realize that is innocent I innocent why I came by him and the guilty shit trying to run, he jump up and taking his friend side talking about he na know wa me come ya for because he na wa fu hear nothing I have to say and If I know what good for me I better leave.

MUB, up to now I don’t know what the hell he told him because when I started to talk his friend started to hype up and talk over me. My man was going on like he lub the most man in the world and started to defend him so I left from there and went home. MUB, when I went on your page and saw the message my mouth dropped to the ground. The boy lie nf. The only thing he said that was true was the part about my man getting drunk and he took us home.

MUB, me never reach the man yard up to this day. When he was taking me home, he started telling me things like how he wish he was the one to trouble me first and he has a big crush on me. I think he was just being silly so I laughed it off. He took it as an invitation to touch me and ran his hands up my dress. I fling back my hand in his face one time and asked him why the hell would he do something like that. He tried to lie his way out by saying he was reaching for the handbrakes.

I was very uncomfortable the rest of the drive home. For the entire time, he kept telling me that he’s sorry and he never meant to do it. Before I went into my house I told him for his sake, I’m going to pretend he never did what he did. He told me he really appreciates it and he will never try something like that again.

MUB, he so know what he did was wrong that he run go message you and then run go tell he friend and the stupid idiot eating up whatever he told him instead he confronts me and hear my side of the story.

Right now, I don’t even care if he talks back to me because it seems like he loves his dangerous ass friend more than me. We’ve only been going out for about roughly 2 month so if this is the kind of shit I have to expect or deal with when it comes to his so-called “best friend” then they can go marry each other. I hope his best friend can supply all his needs.

Up to now, I can’t stomach the part where he said I woke up next to him. Awtfyt, man lie nf. All I can do is laugh.