Dear MUB,

I‘m a woman myself and let me tell you how woman dangerous. I’m friends with this girl who used to date this guy. They eventually got engaged and everything. They were “the couple”. Everybody could see that they were happy together. Until…….. MUB, we’ll get back to that.

I’ve seen this guy do the world for this girl only for her to turn around and betray him. He put her through school while she wasn’t working, fed her every day (and she na eat cheap), and gave her his car to drive when he’s at work. This guy would literally go climb a mountain to make her happy.

So, back to the story. Everything was going smooth until this girl got a job. As soon as she settled in with the job, I swear she forgot about the guy. In a few months, it was obvious that she had lost interest in him. Imagine people would see this girl all over Antigua with her so-called boss and up to the time she na hab no interest in the man, she na let he go!

Eventually, the young man caught wind of her sleeping at her boss house and when he confronted her about it she blatantly lied to get herself out of it. She had this boy like a big fool around the place. MUB, she’s my friend but it got so bad that I literally went to him and advised him to leave her because we all knew her priorities had changed but the thing is, whenever he realized something was up and he confronted her, she had her lies well put together.

MUB I watched this go on for a few months until they eventually broke up. When they did, people that didn’t know what was happening were shocked. They were saying how he left her for no reason and all that but I knew it was just a matter of time before everything came to the light.

MUB, I haven’t seen this girl for a few months now. Now all of a sudden I glimpsed her the other day only to see she’s now pregnant. MUB this girl pregnant for the same man she said she had nothing to do with. Now is this coincidence or what?

I’m just happy that we all got closure to this love affair. I hope she stops telling people that the boy left her for no reason and I hope everyone sees how much of a bad person and a liar she is.

Anyways, we all know now that’s it’s only a matter of time before everyone knows she is pregnant because what’s done in the dark must come to the light and I definitely know that karma is on the way for her.