Officer caught at his Co-worker’s GF House

Dear MUB,

You na go believe this one ya. We nearly had a shoot out that could have resulted in three person’s badly injured or killed for that matter. Two officers had a standoff over a woman.

Keep in mind that one of the officers involved supposed to be a well-respected man that is “Pure” in his doings. MUB, I guess he made his arrogance and ego get the best out of him because I don’t know what could possess any sensible man that is married to be having an extramarital affair and go to the home of the woman he’s dealing with knowing she has a man and the man also carries a gun like himself.

MUB, when the officer got word that a senior officer was at his woman’s house. He dash go down there and one big session broke out between the both of them. I thought rank and experience meant something in the law enforcement field but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The officer who is lower in rank, took away the senior officer’s firearm and gave him a good beating. When he was finished , he told him if he wants back his gun back, he can come and retrieve it from the armory.

Up to now, I can’t understand how the officer who had so much knowledge in weapons training could allow a junior officer to strip him of his firearm. Look, he so shame right, that when he went to work the following day, he started snapping at staff and carrying on in a tirade since his timely return to earth from the cloud arrogance that he once sat on.

MUB, I think the senor officer needs to go and collect his firearm and I think it would be wise for him to consider finding a guest house or something the next if he decides to get involved with the side piece of one of his fellow workers. Things could have ended differently.

I think officers should learn from this story. They need to remember that while they’re out there eating people’s food, their food at home is a potential target for another law enforcer.