Dear MUB,

People in Antigua really need to keep an eye on their children. This is a message to you and your followers because it is a serious thing and I think this might be a wake-up call! I am a married man with children of my own and had it been my child involved, well 1735 would be my current residence.

A Couple of day’s ago, I was walking down by the Nevis street pier heading to grab an ice cream from Fred’s (formerly Australian’s). It was about after 8 or so in the night and as I turned to enter the little underpass by the Coffee Shop, I got the shock of my life! Before my eyes was a young girl well bent over with skirt hiked up and a big hard tone man murdering the child with seed!

Look, I could not believe what I was seeing! From her appearance, I assumed she could not be more than 16 or 17! I had to pause because I couldn’t bring myself to believe what I was seeing! Apparently, they were so caught up in their action’s that they did not notice me right away. It was only when the girl looked across and saw me she quickly stood up, pulled down her skirt and tried to hide her face!

MUB, the man had the audacity to ask me “wa me a look pan?” So I asked wait pardna a wa you really a deal wit? Ar jail work this nuh!

MUB, this ar the first me ever know one black man can tun white! He started to tell me bout he sorry and it’s not what it looks like! So, i asked him, “wait fooly mark pon ma forrid”? Me say big man a the police me should call for you.

I turned to the girl and asked how old she is, she said 19. I said, “look do not lie to me! How old are you?” She then revealed she is 16! MUB all now me still can’t believe! The man had the nerve to tell me that he just min want fu get his $50 worth!

Look, long story short. I just left because the child started to act up and obviously she would not tell me who she is and the man the same. Let this be a warning to your followers who are parents and those who have siblings. Make sure you know what your child is up to because this is a sick world we live in!

What also bothered me is the fact the Pedophile was not using a Condom! Yes, I managed to see all that! He was willing to go to jail over $50? Look, please people, speak to your children because these types of things is happening too often.