“I was upset because I came to do business not to beg!” said a customer.

A young man reported that yesterday afternoon, he walked into a business place and approached a receptionist with the intention of setting an appointment.

When he reached the front desk, he noticed that the receptionist was on a call. He didn’t want to come across as rude, so he decided to wait until she came off the phone.

According to the young man, he stood there for about 6 minutes and at no point did the receptionist acknowledge his presence. As a means of getting her attention, he loudly cleared his throat.

“Can’t you see I’m on the phone,” the receptionist responded, as though she was annoyed. “I just want to…” Before he was able to finish his sentence, she cut him off and said, “Ammm, have a seat… I will call you when I’m finished”.

“I did as I was told”. He reported that for another 18 minutes, he sat down listening to music while watching the receptionist “carrying on”.

“Tarl man, she overdo now”. He got out of his seat and approached her once again. This time, before he could open his mouth, she turned to him and asked, “Did I call you?”

“I patiently sat down there and watch you carry on like an idiot on the phone. All I want to do is make a damn appointment! Is women like you that cause people to get out of character!” The young man clearly expressed himself.

According to the young man, the receptionist got out of her seat, flicked back her stale weave, and leaned forward towards him. “who you feel you be? You wa me come off my important call just to set one little appointment? If you have a problem with waiting do something about it, and we will see who gets out of character today!”

The young man made it clear that if he didn’t have respect for the people that were present in the building at the time of the incident, he would have “drive two big slap under she”. Instead he did the right thing and left.

Later in the day, he tried to call the business place hoping to talk to someone in charge about the issue, but every time he called, the receptionist would answer the phone and once she recognized his voice she would hang up.

MUB kindly ask of those of you who have jobs that involve direct interaction with others, please “treat others the way you want to be treated”.