Dear MUB,

Some of these women in Antigua want to walk around and have men like some pappy show. I’ve been troubling this girl from since late last year and she never really tek me on. Sometime last week, she sent me a message out of the blue asking me if I’m going to RISE. I told her yes and she asked If we can go together because she claimed the person she was supposed to go with, wasn’t going again.

MUB, I figured that she was only using me as a ride but ma na say nothing. She never messaged me again until Wednesday reminding me not to forget her. I told her that her ride is secure so don’t worry about it. She said, “ok cool, I hope you already got our tickets.” OUR TICKETS!!! I had to ask her wa she mean by “our tickets.” I told her I have “my ticket!”  She behaving like she can’t understand English asking me what I mean by my ticket and where is hers.

I told her I never knew I was supposed to buy a ticket for her. MUB, she started one big stink telling me how I promised to take her to the event and how she would have gotten her ticket long time and if I knew I wasn’t going to buy hers, I should have said something early, now she doesn’t have any money to buy ticket and she really wants to go. I couldn’t take her fussing and money is not an issue to me so I told her I’ll get her a ticket so tap mek noise in my head.  She shut up one time!

MUB, I called this girl around 5:00 pm when I was finished working and told her make sure she’s ready by 11:30. When I reached by her and let her know that I was outside, she sent me a message telling me that she’s taking a shit so hold on. MUB, I don’t know what kind of shit she was taking but she took about 20 minutes to come out.

Boss, I was really upset because  by the time we got there, the line was really long. When we got inside, we went straight to the bar. By the time I got a drink and turned around,  she gone. Long after, she pop up again telling me she hungry. I told her I left  my wallet in the car. MUB, the gyal ask me if i’m going to let her starve like i’m her man or something. I gave her the keys and told her to go into my wallet and take out  $50.  You know she came back with a $100 saying she didn’t hear me. After that, you know she disappeared again.

I saw her again dancing with some man and let her know that I’ll be leaving at 5 and I told her where to meet me. MUB, minutes to 6 and this woman can’t reach. I gave her more than enough time to come so I left because I wanted to get some rest before I go to work. I even sent her a message before I drove off.

When it was minutes to 8, she sent me a message telling me she’s at the spot. I let her know I was waiting and she didn’t come so I left. She asked me to come back for her so I told her No I’m resting  and I don’t feel like leaving so use the rest of the money to catch a taxi. She called, cursed me and hanged up her phone.

From since then, she has been putting up all kind of status calling me Antiman and what not! MUB, I bought this girl a ticket, picked her up, gave her money to buy food, waited an hour for her and  just because I refused to go back for her, I’m now an Antiman. MUB, I want you to see how ungrateful women are!