Dear MUB,

Inever thought that I would have to write to you but I caught my man red-handed cheating on me at RISE. Although it hurts, and I feel like I can never trust another man, I’m glad that I found out his true colors early. We’ve only been together for 4 months.

MUB, I figured that something was up because, for some strange reason, it seems as though he didn’t want me to come to RISE. We’ve been going to mostly every fete together and he would always be the one to get the tickets. So, from the time he mentioned going to RISE, I automatically assumed he meant both of us.

The afternoon when he came home from work, I went over by him and he was taking out clothes for later so I asked him what time will we be going. You know the bastard looked at me and said that he didn’t know I was interested in going because he knows I don’t like getting my hair wet. That was pure bullshit because I specifically didn’t change my hairstyle so I could go to RISE.

After a little argument, I went on Facebook to try and get a ticket. I didn’t have any credit on my phone so I told him to call the number for me. MUB, you know he pretended to call the person and told me that it kept going to voicemail. What he didn’t know was the person messaged me back. I told her that my boyfriend was trying to call and she said that she didn’t receive any calls.

It was at that point that I suspected that he was up to something. When he came out of the car to go collect the ticket from the person, I went into his phone. I saw when he sent a message to a girl saying, “change of plans, she got a ticket.” I wanted to confront his ass but I said let me see what he’s really up to so I messaged my girlfriend and we set up a plan.

So, we went to RISE, and after a few hours, I told him that I wasn’t feeling well. MUB, if you see how his face light up. He said, “Baby, I don’t have a problem taking you home and come back. You know your well-being comes first.” Damn liar!  He got more excited when I told him it’s ok, my friend said she’s ready to leave so I’ll go with her. He followed us all that way out to the car and even offered my friend gas money.

What he didn’t know was we had someone waiting to see when he came back in. You know the bastard didn’t even go for a drink first. He went straight to the woman. We came back in and watched him from a distance. MUB, you want to see the amount of energy he put into dancing with this girl. Way more energy than when he was dancing with me. I wanted to run off and drop-kick the two of them but my friend told me to wait and see if he leaves with her because dancing with a woman doesn’t really mean anything.

After a while, it seems like he told her to meet him outside because she left and a few minutes after he followed. It looks as though they were going to leave so my girlfriend ran to go get her car so we could follow them. I had a feeling that she wasn’t going to make it in time. When I was about to confront him, I saw both of them go in the back seat. I knew exactly what was going to happen so I waited a few minutes before approaching the car. When I looked through the window, he had her well bend over having sex.

I tried to open the door but it was locked. When he saw me, he jumped in the front seat and drove off. MUB, he nearly ran over my foot. By the time my friend came, he was long gone. MUB, I hope he knows that the relationship is over and if he knows what’s good for him, he better keep away from me. This is the first and last time, he’s going to make me cry over him. I’m done!