Believe me when I tell you that the breed of men in Antigua na normal. I don’t know if it’s the heat or the lack of government water but something na right. I’m a single man and until I find a woman who understands what the bible means by the word submit, I’ll continue to be single.

MUB, I’ve been single since 2011. Living a stress and drama free life until this woman that knows she has a man who’s not too right in his head made me wink up on her while her friend was video taping. I don’t know why the hell women think they need to document everything they do. One little wink up jack!

The friend mussa put the video in her status or something and the woman I was dancing with man probably saw it. I don’t know how the hell this man got my number but the next day, big man sent me a screenshot with my face circled asking, “ar you that jamming pan my woman?”

I thought it was a joke so I sent back “lol.” The boss sent me another picture with her face circled and asked the question again. I told him that I danced with a lot of women at RISE. MUB, the man sent me back a message saying he wants to meet with me. At that point, I thought someone was trying to pull a prank or fooling around so I didn’t reply.

A few minutes later, my phone rang. Big man on the phone asking me why I not replying to his message. I couldn’t believe this man was serious. I told him I’m not meeting with any man so stop calling up my phone. MUB, I went searching through facebook, looking to see if anyone post and tagged a picture with her so I could message her and tell her to keep her freak man from me.

Yesterday, when I was finished working and was walking to my car, this man approached me and asked me If I have time to talk. I recognized  the voice so I was frightened no shit. I was startled because he approached me from the back. I wanted to know how the hell this man knew where I worked so I asked him. Big man tell me na worry about that. Yo, the man looked creepy no shit. I stood up right there in the open and told him we can talk here.

MUB, you know the man had a print out of the screenshot in his pocket. He pointed at her and asked me if that’s me dancing with his woman. I told him I think so. Look, the man start tell me how he love her  long time and now that her finally has her, he doesn’t want to lose her and all kind of sentimental shit that I could careless about. He even wanted to check my phone to see if I had her number.

I couldn’t believe that this man was serious. I let him know that I don’t know her name and it was only a dance. The man asked me about 50 times, if i’m sure i’m not interested in her. I felt so paranoid going home. For the entire time, I kept looking back to see if he was following me.

MUB, if I ever see this woman again, I’m going to run. I never knew people like that living in this little Country. That’s shit you see on TV.

I hope that woman knows the kind of man she put herself with because he move like one of them man that would tie up a woman and keep her in the house for eternity. That kind of love not normal.