Sea Grapes: Episode 1.5

He wasn’t with me for the 2 hours!

Last night, a little after 10 pm, MUB received a message from a woman who claimed that she was the one who picked up the guy from Sea Grapes and promised to share her side of the story in the morning.

She kept her words and contacted MUB to explain exactly what went down when she picked up the guy from Sea Grapes and how she felt about the manner in which his woman dealt with the issue. 

“A wa di joke ya tarl! When mi finally relax inna ma bed and start fu read the first Sea Grapes Episode, mi realize that the story had something to do with me. At first, I found it funny and I wasn’t going to say anything but I swear all the blood inna ma body went up in my head when she mentioned something about loving people man and making it her business to find out who I was,” explained the woman. 

“First of all, she made it seem like I called her man and tell him that I was coming to pick him up. If she did her investigation properly, she would noticed that he called me earlier and I was just returning the call.” She explained that she has been out of a relationship for the past 2 years because of how bad she got hurt by her ex-boyfriend.”

“Why would I want anything to do with a ‘one-rounder’? From time to time he would complain to me about how his woman pressuring him to go see a doctor because he cums too quick and she rarely gets satisfied. Why would I put myself in such an unsatisfying position?”

According to the woman, when she checked her phone and saw the missed call from him, she called him back to find out what he wanted. “He told me that he was at Sea Grapes and he wanted a ride to go and meet his woman. I told him that I had not too long reached home and I wasn’t in the mood to leave again.  He told me that it was important and he would full my tank if gave him the ride.” She said that her gas was low so she didn’t think twice about going.

When she picked him up from Sea Grapes, she went straight to the gas station. “Mi mek sure that he put in the gas before I took him anywhere. While we were at the gas station I asked him what happened to his car and he told me that one of his friends had it. I found it very strange because I knew I saw his car parked up under a tree when I was driving in. I wasn’t sure why he was lying to me but I could care less because I was getting my tank full.

The woman said that while they were on their way to his destination, he received a call and told the person that he got a ride and he will be there shortly. “I found that he was behaving a bit weird so I came out and asked him why he was moving so funny. He laughed out like some idiot as if I was giving some joke and told me to just drive the damn car. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable so I got serious and asked him where the hell was I taking him. He said that he’s going to go collect something important from someone. I was like, wait…what? I thought you said that you wanted a ride to go meet your woman.  Again, he laughed out like an idiot.” 

The woman said that she had nothing else to say to him. “When we were driving up the road, he told me that he will get a ride back so I could turn around and go back the same way I came in. It was obvious that he didn’t want me to see where he was going. I was watching him the whole time I was doing a three point turn. I saw when he took out his phone. It seemed like he called the person and told them he was outside.”

The woman reported that he suspiciously walked up to a house where she saw a man open the door for him.  “Look mi na know if I saw wrong or my eyes were deceiving me but the way he was moving creeped me out. We met at college  and we have been friends for the past 4 years but after how he min dey a move mi done tell ma self that mi go end the friendship.”

“So you can imagine how I felt when I read the article. I knew it was me when his woman mentioned the Honda car and the calls. I don’t understand how woman lub jump to conclusion. If she did just ask questions I would have told her exactly what happened but instead she wa fu put story pan MUB.” The woman said that after she  finished reading the article. she called him and “mek he know” that she no longer wanted to associate with him and to delete her number asap.

She also left a message for his girlfriend; “honey, let me just make one thing straight, I’ve known your man longer than you and I have Zero interest in him. Believe me when I say that I’m not the person you should be worried about. All I did was gave him a ride so I could get my gas tank full. Mi na know who I dropped him off by and I surely wasn’t the one he spent 2 hours with.”

She ended the conversation by saying “women need to start dealing with their man and stop going after the other woman. He’s the one you’re in a relationship with. Look how this woman was going to cause confusion in my single life for no reason.”

MUB thanked the woman for sharing her side of the story and told her to find herself a good Antiguan man so he can keep her gas tank on F.