Her Best Friend Seduced Me

A young man reported that he was caught red-handed by his girlfriend a few hours after he left Sea Grapes with her best friend.  “To be honest I’ve had my eyes on her best friend long before we got together so when she whispered in my ears that she wanted me to give her a massage after Sea Grapes, I completely forgot that I had a woman.”

According to the young man, while he was as Sea Grapes enjoying himself one of his friends brought it to his attention that his Girlfriend’s best friend was constantly staring at him. “At first I thought she was just watching to see if I was troubling any woman so she could go back and tell my woman but several times when I made eye contact with her, she blew kisses at me,” the young man explained. 

He said that when he told his friend about what she did, he told him that it was a trap and he shouldn’t take her on. “I  had a feeling it was a trap so I tried my best not to  look in her direction.” When it was after 3 pm she passed next to him and whispered in his ear. “She told me that she will be waiting for me outside  to take her home so I can give her the massage.” He said that she also licked his ear and sneakily squeezed his ass when she walked off. 

“As soon as she walked off, my friend wanted to know what she told me. I told him that she said that my woman was trying to call me. I then pretended that I went and called my woman and came back and told him that she wanted me to come and take her to work.” He then went outside where he saw his woman’s best friend and her cousin standing by his car.

“I dropped home her cousin and then we made our way to her house.” While he was on his way to her house, he began to think that maybe it was a setup and his woman was waiting at the house. “I wanted to be on the safe side so I took out my phone to message my woman. Before I was able to type a message she took the phone away from me, told me it is unsafe to text and drive and then proceeded to put her hand in my pants.” The young man said that it took every inch of concentration he had to get them to her house safely.”

“I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the Brownies Josh was serving out at Sea Grapes but everything happened so fast. I felt like I had no control over my body. When I catch myself I had my woman’s best friend well bend up on her bed.” He said that it was so intense that although he knew it was wrong, he could not find the strength to stop himself from daggering her.”

“All of a sudden mi just see my woman burst the bedroom door and one bag of confusion started. I was shocked to see that she was more angry with her best friend than me. I was basically standing up between them protecting my dick and trying to stop the two of them from killing each other. Look, mi get blow ar rass. All now ma skin still sore.”

It turns out that when his woman couldn’t get in contact with any of them she first called his friend’s phone and he told her that her man left a long time ago to take her to work. After which she went on Facebook and messaged her best friend’s cousin who told her that he went to drop off her best friend.

After his woman left crying, the best friend told him that she has strong feeling for him and she tried to prevent him from perusing his woman. “It seems to me like she was actually happy that my woman caught us in the act.”

“I made her know that it was a mistake and I had no interest whatsoever in her. She didn’t take it lightly but I really didn’t care.” According to the young man, his girlfriend has blocked him on all social platforms and her parents band him from returning to their house.

“I am a dumb ass for making her best friend seduce me even though I was under the influence.” The young man said that none of this would have happened if he had been honest and told his friend what she whispered in his ear.  “He would have never let me leave.”

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