She Played Him

“That ar wa mek mi na deal with certain woman.” These are the words of a man who reported that his friend got played by a woman who had been bluffing him for almost 2 months.

According to the man, two weeks before Sea Grapes, his friend called him bragging that the girl who had been rejecting him for about a month and a half, finally decided to let him take her out. “He boasted that the race is not for the swift but for those who endure it to the end like it was some major accomplishment.”

He said that he knew something was off because it was the same woman his friend had been begging to go movies with him for the longest while but always had an excuse. “When he told me that she said he could take her out, my first question was where will you be taking her? He said that she told him that she will allow him to take her to Sea Grapes and if she likes his vibes, she will consider going out with him again.”

“I said I hope she will be buying her own ticket.” He said that his friend told him that since he was the one taking her out, it was his responsibility to buy her ticket. “I didn’t want to believe that he was serious so as a Joke I asked so you go pay her outfit to?  This brother man looked at me with a straight face and said all that is part of the package.”

The Friday before Sea Grapes he called him asking to borrow $200 dollars because he wasn’t getting paid until the next week. “If it’s one thing, he always give me back my money on time so I had no problem lending him the money but he had to wait until I finished working. He said that he needed it before 2:30 pm so I told him I would meet him during my lunch break.”

“That day was just a rough day at work. I had a lot of work to do so I completely forgot that I had to meet him. He eventually called and I told him that I got carried away with work.” The man explained that he had to borrow the money from a co-worker because he wasn’t able to go to the ATM. “He came and I gave him the money. He was so busy to get going that he didn’t even say Thank you. I was really curious to know what he wanted the money for so I asked him. This brother looked at me with a straight face and told me it was for the woman to buy her Sea Grapes outfit. I got so upset that I took back the money from him, went back inside and gave it back to the owner.”

He said that his friend called him and told him to stop playing because the girl was in town waiting for him to bring the money. “Me mek he know plain out that me na promote them kind of things dey. I tried to talk some sense into him but he got upset and hanged up his phone on me.”

“Can you believe that he didn’t say a word to me from since?” He said that he saw when he and the woman walked in Sea Grapes together. “Ma na go lie, she min look good but mi na k how good one gyal look, she haffu spend she own money.”

He reported that about an hour after he saw his friend walked in with the woman he came and hail him up. “I’m not one to hold a grudge so I big him up and ask him if he was safe. He told me ebree thing ok and stood up beside me.” The friend said that he went for drinks couple time and each time he came back to the spot his friend was there. “At one point on my way back from the bar, I realize he was looking in a particular direction with an angry face and his fist folded. When I look over, there was the woman throwing back on another man and if I can recall correctly not once did I see her dancing with him. Look, I was high so I couldn’t help but laugh after him. “

“I asked him if he wasn’t going back by his date. He said that she told him that her man messaged her saying he was going to come to Sea Grapes. I had to ask him why the hell he spent money on her if she had a man. He said that she never mentioned anything about any man and when he asked her why didn’t she tell him that she had a man, she said that he never asked.  Look mi feel so sorry for he that ma sparked off one of the joint ma dey a save for later.”

According to the man, his friend brought to his attention that it’s been half an hour and the girl was still hanging out with the same guy she was dancing on. I had already suspected that they had something going on. He said that when the DJ played certain music he had to stop his friend from going over there and cause a scene. “Eventually, she came to him and told him that her man came for her so she was leaving and she will message him later. I knew it was a lie. Less than 5 minutes after she left the same man she was dancing with earlier walked out and never returned.”

“I never brought it to his attention because I didn’t want him to do anything stupid. If he did listen to me he wouldn’t have wasted $350.00”