MUB, we are now in 2019 and me want nuff gyal fu lef dem storytelling and nastiness inna 2018. Wah mek some gyal luv tell story so, eh?

There is this girl who I used to talk to. Let’s call her SeeSee Narrator. She always has some sort of story to tell me, and the majority a dem ah lie. She always ah go this place and that place or gonna go do this & that and in the end, she NEVER do or go.

Sometimes me believe she just wah people fu hear she talk. She tell me that she lef she man. Coming to find out ah the other way round. Me never see wan gyal wutless so! No woman suppose to have panty in the corner roll up. Not even cook this gyal can cook. She always have the most to say about people. She cyah expect fu be dropping words fu people, and calling people all sort of names, and nah even that good sheself.

At least make sure you on POINT before u trouble people. MUB me nah understand why she put in style that she can’t kip up with. A nah everything u see people do u fu do. She put in locs and them too need washing and not forgetting oiling. Cooking oil, baby oil, engine oil, oil from in the man back, some kind of oil jack.

It’s 2019 now and mi ar hope and pray she change her dutty ways because it’s not becoming for a woman. She and all the others out there like her.