She pick a bruk pocket man over me reply….

People, please don’t bother with this nigga. Is pure wrong impression he giving. Ar one big pappy show he be talking about he asked me back for money. Noting tarl go so. To be honest I wasn’t going to say anything after I read the article but he try mek me look bad and he mek ma man laugh after me, so me go light he up right now.

Look this boy ya lie a rass. I can’t believe he said that he was in his bed when I called him. The nigga told me he was waiting on his sister to get ready to come up food fair.  So whether I told him I was with my man or not he wudda still end up at the Food Fair. The reason why I didn’t tell him I was with my man until he came was because he lub get all up in his feelings whenever I talk about another man and I really wanted the money. Believe me when I say that this nigga haffu be di most jealous man in Antigua and that’s one of the reasons why I didn’t want to get into a relationship with him.

Whenever I’m with him and I tell a next man hi, he like he want to blow up Antigua. Talking about he laughed when I walked off. LIE, LIE, LIE!!! If God comes for his world today this boy going to hell. He mi bex no shit. He told me that I spoiled his whole day. It took me about 15 minutes for me to get away from him. Every time I walked off he holding up my hand. I didn’t want any confusion so I throw the money back at him and left.

Mi a deal with this boy for about a year now. We got close because of my wicked baby father who I was with at the time. If is one thing Ma na go lie he spend money pan me but in return I mek sure I sort him out. Mi ar na one of dem gyal that lead on man and tek them money for nothing. Once you treat me right me, I return the favor. I cook for him and mek sure he satisfied whenever I got the chance to. I wasn’t sleeping with my baby father so he use to get sex whenever he wanted. Ma sure the leftover food he mentioned is the curry chicken I cooked the other day. Whenever I cook for my man I would always offer his ungrateful ass but All that done now!!!

I don’t know how he go say that we never talk about getting in the relationship. From since the first time I gave him piece he wanted to be in a relationship. I tried explaining to him that I like him but not in the relationship way. You can believe he tried to get me pregnant twice. After the second time I stopped having sex with him. I nearly stop talking to him to. So I don’t know why he giving the impression that we still have something going on.

Now to the biggest lie of all. I asked this nigga to BORROW a hundred dollars so I could buy some lobster for my mother because we ran out of money and I didn’t want to leave, go atm and come back. So I said let me see if he was coming up here and just borrow it from him.

Yes, I did send him a message. boo, boo, the message I sent you was to let you know that you too jealous for me and I was willing to keep you in my life because you’ve been there since I was with my dumb ass baby father, but after that stunt, you pulled at Food Fair plus the fake ass story you cook up for MUB, mi done with you. So you don’t need to unblock me.

Boo boo,next time you decide to share your story on MUB  so you can feel good about yourself try telling the truth because ar na you one can share story. Anyways thanks for the compliment I know I always look sexy. I actually had on a top he bought for me. Maybe he might message me and tell me he wants it back after he read this. lol