She Tek Up Whole $300 US


I recently start dealing back with a woman I used to be close with a few years ago. We never really got into a serious relationship because, at the time, she was interested in someone else. Anyways, it so happened that she moved back to Antigua in January and coincidently I was the taxi to pick her up from the airport.

I took her to where she was staying and she gave me her number. From talking to her, I found out that things weren’t working out for her in the US so she came back down to live. I’ve been busy trying to build my taxi business so I didn’t really have time for a relationship so I’ve been single for almost a year. The last woman I had never supported me so I ended it. All she cared about was looking good and impressing people. When we use to deal, I never had money and she always used to encourage me and I liked that about her so I decided to give her a chance.

MUB, I went out with her on two occasions and it just so happens that every time I go to deposit my money in the bank, a few US dollars always missing. MUB, I don’t know her to be that kind of person and I really admire her so I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

I was a bit delinquent last week and didn’t bother to deposit my money as I usually do so I had quite a few Us dollars in my possession. MUB, tell me if this na strange. I counted the money the evening before we went to see Avengers and the morning when I went to the bank to finally deposit the money, it was short of $300 US dollars.

Stealing a little $20 US here and there wasn’t bad but whole $300 US! I couldn’t let that slide. I called her and asked her if she saw $300 dollar anywhere. MUB, the first thing that came out of her mouth was, “I never saw any US.” MUB, mi never tell this woman anything bout US. All I said was $300 dollars.  I wanted to know how the hell she knew I was talking about US.

I didn’t even give her a chance to lie. I hanged up my phone and went straight to her yard. When she came out of the house, I told her that I’m giving her 20 seconds to give me my money before she sees the devil side of me. As soon as she opened her mouth, I started counting. She started cursing me saying shit like, I’m a waste man fu de a come and ask she about $300 US like she is some thief.  I didn’t say a word to her… I just kept counting. When I reached zero, I pushed past her and went straight for the flat screen TV I saw in the house.

When I started to unplug it, she took out her phone saying she going to call the police if I don’t put down her aunty TV. I told her to make sure she tell the police to bring an extra handcuff so they can walk with her one time for stealing my money.

When I was about to leave with the TV, she told me to wait and went for the money. She came back and threw it at me. MUB, I was very disappointed. Mi just pick up ma $300 US off the ground and go bout ma business. Mi go tap single and work pan building ma business because I almost give my heart to one thief.