Should I tell my co-worker about his wife and her secret agendas?

One evening while I was watching Tv, I received a message from my co-worker’s wife telling me to try and get my boyfriend’s phone because he’s sending her sexual messages on WhatsApp and she’s looking out for me. I told her that I’m not interested in that because guys will always be guys. She kept persisting so after he fell asleep, I took his phone and I saw him texting her for real.

I didn’t overreact because I was texting other guys too smh. I took pictures of the nasty messages and sent them to his phone. He was shocked. He said he was sorry but I was like yea, yea whatever. Early in the morning, she messaged me again asking if I’m not gonna leave him and how much he disrespected me and I should leave his ass. She said that she felt really sorry for me and begged me not to stay with him.

My boyfriend didn’t know she told me about the messages and pictures because I promised not to tell him. However, after that, she continued to message me and would tell me things like she loves my facebook pictures and she was feeling sexy and want not. She wanted us to meet and make love because she claimed that her husband was boring in bed.  

I told her that she must try to spice up things sometimes and that I always wanted to try a threesome with my boyfriend. She went crazy on me saying why I wanna do that, how it’s wrong because he’s fake and it’s not godly. She was mad. She told me to promise her that I will leave him because she loves me.  

MUB, I don’t know this woman. I only know her husband because we work together. I told her that I love my man and she said he’s a dog and he doesn’t care about me like she does. She begged me to meet her down Fort James so we can make love. She would beg me to delete all our conversations and tell me how to put my phone on private messages but it was too late. A day, my boyfriend took up my phone and saw her messages. He laughed and said that bitch! She tricked him into deleting all the text she sent him and he said that she was also entertaining his bullshit.

It turns out that she wanted him to have sex with her for $7000 to buy a jeep and she told him she sells sex when her husband goes to work and when he falls asleep after a quicky because he’s very weak. He messaged her on facebook telling her he’s gonna retrieve all the messages she sent him so she blocked him and she also blocked me.  

I believe my boyfriend because she also told me to delete my messages.I believe this woman is a secret freak who is out to break up happy homes  

Should I inform my co-worker about his wife or should I mind my business?