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Guess Who The Honda man Lives With

Hey MUB,

I’m doing a follow-up because sister let off pan me the day she saw the post.

MUB, you know the young lady had the nerve to call me to pick her up after work. I refused to answer my phone. She sent me messages but I didn’t reply. When it was about 5:30 pm, I heard a vehicle pull up in front of my yard. Shortly after, the screaming and the banging started. The girl nearly bruk off my door before opening it with the key.
As soon as she entered, I took away my key. Can you believe that up to the time she was the one who was caught cheating, she shouting at me calling me a waste man? The gyal say I never want to see her happy or go out. MUB, out of the goodness of my heart, I sat her down and told her everything. I was never going to explain anything but she seemed really hurt for her wrongdoings. At first, she was calm but then she turned violent.
MUB, this girl just started working 3 months ago. Before that, I was and I still am doing two jobs. One to maintain my vehicle and one to maintain her life. I have a 2018 Ford, and I allow this girl to drive it sometimes. I even got her a Stepwagon that she mashed up last year, and you mean to tell me that the best she could do ar go with one lousy Honda Civic man?
So, I had to assume the sex was better. She swears to all God that it was a one time mistake, but she looked very comfortable with this man and at this point, there is no way I can believe anything that comes out her mouth. When I told her to leave, she said she has nowhere to go and I know her family doesn’t live here. So I suggested that she go and live with the Honda man.
MUB, the gyal go look pan me and tell me how the Honda man lives with his parents. So ma tell she go lib with he parents then. YA NAH LIVE YA NO MORE! Imagine all when she already has a job, I’m still working the second one just so she could have extra money and her ungrateful ass turn around and cheat on me with some man that doesn’t have his shit together!
The thing that hurts the most is that I really thought she was my wife. I was going to propose this year, already looked at the ring and everything. I even planned to fly her out to propose but NO! She wants Honda man that still lives with his parents. Smfh