Dear MUB,

Can you believe that my ex broke into my house last night, pissed on my bed and cut up all the pictures I had up with my current girlfriend? MUB, since last year I’ve been begging this woman to leave me alone. Since I ended the relationship, she has been putting me in expense. Last year, she vandalized one of my rental cars, poisoned my dog, and in December she used my credit card information to do her Christmas shopping. Everything came up to $869.36.

MUB, I figured that she was acting out because I left her for one of her close friends. I know that was wrong so I allowed her to express her anger but breaking into my house and pissing on my bed is going too far. Imagine last night I came from the gym tired as hell and went straight in my bed. As soon as I laid down, I had to jump right back up. MUB, the bed was wet and renk. That’s when I looked around the room and realize the pictures that I had up were taken down. When I went into the bathroom, all the pictures were in the sink cut into pieces.

MUB, the only person who would do something like that is my ex. I called her and let her know that she went too far and if she continues to harass me,  I will set the police on her. MUB, she denied breaking into my house but she said that I deserve it because I’m a dog and dogs deserve to be punished.

MUB, I understand that she is angry but it’s been over 7 months since I ended the relationship. I can’t allow her to continue to put me in expense. I know I was wrong for what I did and I accept that but I’ve been lenient enough. She is overdoing right now.

She’s 28 years old and she’s acting like a child. Who the hell urinates in someone’s bed on purpose. That’s just childish.