Dear MUB,

So, I recently started a job as a cashier, at a popular supermarket. There was this particular man who always seemed extra polite to me. Please bear in mind that this man is probably 60 low or high but he looked good!!

He is always well dressed and smells good. I noticed that he has been coming regularly to the supermarket and always made sure he cashed by me. MUB, my line could be the longest, my man a wait!

Every time I cashed him, he always leaves a big tip with me. He came in one day and after cashing his items, he asked me for my number. I didn’t hesitate to give him cuz he seemed like he knew what he was about. He called me a couple of time, we talked, he would drop me to work and give me lunch money.

One day, he asked if we could spend some time together. He told me he would rent a room at any hotel of my choice but I told him “u got to prove urself to me first financially wise” and he said ok.

All of a sudden, he kept asking “when.” I told him “u haven’t proved yourself yet!” MUB, he started to act tight and I told myself “if u going with an old man at least make sure it worth it!”

I told him I had a situation and I needed some help. He was like how much, I said $1000. He said he would see so he gave me $300 and told me he would get back to me with the rest. However, he kept calling and asking when we going to the hotel. I said just hold.

He called me a Sunday saying he has $150 to add to the $300 which was still far from my $1000 so I was like “u need to do better than this!!”

MUB, the man start up a say “oh is money alone u after!” I told his old, impatient, horny ass “u approached me and I told u from the start u have to prove yourself financially!” You know the man cuss me off talk bout me a cut style pan he smh. But I mean come on wah he expect? After he done pass 60 n me nah reach 30 yet! Me must go accept worm inna ma body for someone that can’t live up to my expectations?

MUB, you know the man tek me fa enemy now when he come shop my man just pass me str8!! Do you think I was too harsh?