I know I’m going to sound like a bitch  but I’ve been waiting to get back at my so-called ex high school best friend for over 12 years. A little before we graduated, I found out that she had been sleeping with my boyfriend. Mub, she even slept with him before I did and never said shit to me. When I found out, I ended the friendship but I promise myself I would get back at her.

Anyways, while I was at Sunrise, my girlfriend showed me this guy that she noticed had been checking me out. Mub, when I looked over and realized that it was my ex best friend’s fiance, I felt an instant rush in my vagina. Mub, you lub talk about KARMA, well this was definitely Karma helping me to get my revenge so I walked my ass over there and started flirting with him.

For a man engaged to be married, I found that he was way too easy. He told me that he liked to see my body and offered me a drink. I wanted to ask him about her but I didn’t want to take the chance because it might turn him off.  I gave him a little wink up and I could feel his dick rising on my ass. I wanted him to know that I felt it so I started grinding harder.

It was obvious that he was turned and I was not about to lose my opportunity. I knew it would look suspicious if we walked out together so I told him where to meet me. He came and met me by my car where I gave him head. Mub, this man couldn’t have been getting any good sex because in less than 5 minutes he done cum.

I gave him my number and told him if he wanted more call me. I left shortly after so I could tidy up my place just in case he took the bait. I waited for hours. MUB, I couldn’t believe the asshole stood me up after I sucked his dick. I went to sleep but I woke up to a phone call from him. I gave him directions to my house and went and freshen back up.

When he arrived, I f#$k the living daylight out of him (we used protection) and for the entire time I had my ex best friend on my mind. I couldn’t wait for her to find out. As soon as he passed out on my bed, I lay down next to him and took pictures. When I got enough, I woke him up and let him know it was time for him to leave. Mub, you know the man tell me that he wasn’t ready. I harl his ass off my bed and told him to get out. I could care less about him because I got what I needed to burn a hole in my ex best friend’s heart.

When he was walking to his car, I told him to tell her hi for me. Mub, I swear I could have died when he turned around with a confused look on his face and said that she broke up with him weeks ago. I asked him what happened and he said that she broke up with him for cheating on her with one of her co-workers.

Mub, I can’t believe that I gave up my vagina for nothing. Now, I feel like a whore.  I blame her for this.