Disclaimer: Please note that the content of this post is not necessarily my views but is structured to give you an idea on the viewpoint of the Tease Of The Week.


Imagine finding a starving dog at the side of the road.

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Out of the kindness of your heart, love, or for whatever reason, you made a conscious decision to care for it. You bathe it, feed it and ensure that it is warm and comfortable.

For years you ensure that you do whatever is necessary to keep that dog feeling love and one day, the same dog that you have been dedicating your time, energy and money towards for all these years, abandons you for someone who has been secretly giving it more than you can offer.

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FOR YOU “SMART/ TECHNICAL PEOPLE,” I’m fully aware that dogs are loyal animals so calm down and stick to the analogy!

Now, the dog represents the person you were once in a relationship with. Regardless of your continuous commitment, at the end of the day, there was absolutely nothing to ensure that your efforts were not in vain. As much as you may argue and say that it’s not fair, the reality is there is nothing that can stop an individual from walking out of your life at any point in time.

Although marriage is not permanent, the framework on which it operates makes it hard or provides consequences for when one decides to betray their vows.

Therefore, according to the Tease of the Week, “Commitment should start after marriage! In other words, unless a couple is married, they should be free to deal with other people as they see fit.

*Deal: talk, hangout or have sexual relations with someone of interest.