Society likes to declare that “men will be men” and “boys will be boys,” but with all of the incidents on sexual harassment (within the office) that are coming to light these days, it appears that too many men are neither men, nor boys, but vampires waiting to sink their teeth into the flesh of women as a means of fullfill their lustful desires.

What are we becoming? When did we start allowing “powerful” predators to use wealth, status and even secret society membership to cover their abuse and misuse of women? By remaining quiet to these unlawful behaviors and allowing them to go unpunished, we are creating a society where moral values carry the same weight as a piece of paper crumbled at the bottom of a rubbish bin.

In May of 2018, a married lawyer was arrested and appeared before the Magistrates Court, on charges of battery on a female employee who consistently declined his advances, throughout her entire period of employment. While on the job, the victim sustained physical injuries (at his hand) because she refused to give in to him. A few witnesses confirmed his aggressive and unprofessional behavior, along with his unwanted sexual advances made both inside and outside of his law firm. Does a real man need to take out the shame of rejection on a woman? Does a real man not understand the meaning of “NO”? Does a real man need to exert his power and authority in a workplace to obtain a female’s attention?

NO! Again and again, I say NO!

This particular predator has currently been out on bail since May 2018 and the two subsequent hearings (also in 2018) have both been adjourned each time due to “no show” by his party. All of his remaining staff were sent home after his bail hearing with no indication of when they will be allowed to return to work, due to them corroborating with the police’s investigation. Nearly a year later, not one has received severance nor any letters terminating their employment. They have all simply just been replaced with new staff. Will justice prevail?

Moreover, what kind of society (justice system) allows this kind of behavior to go unpunished? What is just as harrowing as his deplorable actions towards this young lady, is that he decided to hire an Attorney who has been convicted and served years at Her Majesty’s Prison, for manslaughter. How will we respond to this?

J. B. Pritzker, an American businessman, and governor said that “To end the pervasive culture of sexual harassment, it can no longer be the norm that men look the other way. It only ends when men actively participate in ending it.”

Fast forward to her latest court appearance (in 2019), she was astonished to see that not only was the defendant (on bail) MISSING from court (due to him traveling AGAIN) but he was being represented by a new attorney, one whom he previously stated was a part of the many attorneys we have on our little island (Antigua) that make our judicial system a big joke because they are corrupt with politics and still allowed to practice law. Ironically, he now craves the assistance from these same ‘’corrupt’’ persons. Nota bene – He is not Antiguan.

Nevertheless, since this awful incident, the young lady has been contacted on numerous occasions and asked to quote a figure in order to ‘’ sweep the matter under the rug’’. To date, she has not responded to any of these advances nor will she stoop to the level of bribery.

Despite the swirling rumors of extortion, the young lady wishes to make it abundantly clear that her driving force behind this case is NOT one of financial gain because she does not desire a single penny from this perpetrator but to give a platform to every other victim who has sat in silence, for fear of losing their job or think that fighting for their rights isn’t worth it because they have no ‘’status’’ in our ‘’unfair’’ society. More so, many of these cases take months and even years to be resolved (partly due to friend and company within the legal realm) and thus end in the victim giving up or the judicial system deciding that the matter is of low importance and ‘’throwing it out’’.

Don’t be afraid to stand for what you believe in, even if that means standing alone.