The Sex Turned him Into A Security Guard

So I’ve been seeing this Jamaican man for some time now. He alright, he treats me good, he makes sure I’m well taken care of and vise versa but like every relationship, we have our lil ups and downs. MUB, everything was nice when we never had sex but from the time I gave this man the first bounce, everything changed.

All of a sudden, I have too much man friend. Which is not true. I’m not from here so I barely even go out or friend people. This f#@king man just started going on overprotective from he get the pokey. The Lord knows I cannot take any more of this level of jealousy.

A night we went out to eat and he dropped me home around after 11 pm. My stomach full so I took a shower and went to sleep. MUB, this man called me after 12 am. I done on cloud nine drifting away so when I saw him calling tbh I suck my teeth because I don’t like people waking me up from my sleep. I don’t care who you are!

So, I answered and told him that I’m sleepy so he can call me first thing in the morning. You know this f##king man had the audacity to call me on WhatsApp video call 12 times back to back. He mussa min think I was under some man or something. I said na man! I let him know if he wants me to stay with him, he better cut out that f##kry. MUB, the man come in like he wants to security guard my pussy.

He never behaved like that before we had sex. He knows I go from work to home and if I have to go anywhere, I would tell him. So it’s not like he dunno. MUB, this man suddenly wants to go through my phone, calls me on video call straight, and wants to stop me from talking to people I knew before him. Gasaa, in all honesty, I can’t take it any more. The man wants to know all who I’m talking to and what I do or plan to do.

MUB, if I leave it up to him, I won’t have any man friend. Chupz, I told him to haul his modda ass, and stop acting as if I’m his child. Chupz, I so sick and tired of him right. I cannot take it no more. I done see if I continue, he go start stalk me and I’m gonna have to set someone on him.

MUB, I beg this man to please leave me alone because I didn’t hire any pussy watchman nor did I order special pussy security. I’m not the type to be having sex with multiple partners so I don’t need this man stressing me about man I don’t have. MUB, the situation so bad that I told him that I wish I could take back my sex from him because it’s like he turn crazy and I don’t have time for this shit.