Their 2 Cents Doesn’t Make My Dollar, My 98 Does

I must say that last story ‘Why Do I Keep Getting Knuckle ?’ touched my heart so much that I felt compelled to tell mine. I needed to make sure that some of your followers grasped a major point that the last story didn’t particularly focus on.

When I attended the Antigua Grammar School, we’ve were put under a trend that ‘AGS Men must deywith AGHS Girls.’ Even though that was not the case, believe it or not, those same little ladies in blue made it hard for us to live a normal social life.

I was a well-known individual through My 5 Years At Grammar School, being heavily involved in ISCCF, Interact Club And AGHS’s Annual Carol Service which caused my network to reach distances that I never knew existed. Interacting with these young ladies almost on a daily basis inside their territory, I started to develop and gained some insight on them even as there own peers whom I would have befriended, would inform me of the rumors that would circulate about me starting from that little blue canopy in the corner of the schoolyard.

Hearing That Im Whoring Because Someone That Apparently Likes Me, (Whom I Dont Walk Up To And Smile In Their Face And Ask About Their Well Being Compared To Others) Never Got The Attention They Wanted Or ‘Deserved’ Or Eventually Hearing That I’m Stush Just Because I Don’t Talk To Certain People And That I’ve Been Sexually Active With Numerous Young Ladies That Attended The Same Institution Because Of The Initial Whore Rumours. MUB, Up To This Day, No Names Can Be Called As To Who These Young Ladies Were Or Why Those Spreading These Rumours Chose To Eat Parrot For Breakfast That Morning For Them To Be Entertaining Such Rashusness.

Anyways, I Can Distinctly Remember My Second Form Year, Going To AGHS For ISCCF Meetings The Next Day After ‘Ol Time Fete’ (Which I Never Attended For The First Time Until Third Form) Hearing That I Was Under The Trees In The Darkness With Some Girl Developing ‘Plumbing Skills’ (If You Know,You Know). Poor Me Couldnt Even Think Straight To Conduct The Meeting That Day Because Dear Sammy (May Her Soul Rest In Peace) Wanted To Have A Word With Me.

I Won’t Even Lament On It But The Truth Is I Didn’t Even Lose My Virginity Until I Was In 5th Form. Those Rumours Spread Like Wild Fire Over Social Media And Every Where. Whenever I Tried to Interact With A New Girl In Town, After School, After Saying My Name, Id Hear “Oh I Know You, My Friend Say You Love Too Much Woman” Or Even If They Didn’t, When They Went Digging For Info, That’s What ‘Blue Bird Search Engine’ Dug Up. Girls Wanting To Make A Public Scene Because I Called Them Out On Their Foul Words (AGS Man Nuh Love Hear Better Drama).

After all, My Entire Secondary School Life Was Filled With Ups And Downs Just Like Everyone Else’s And I Must Say That I Came Out A Better Person Because Of Them, (Semper Virens, Always Flourishing). All In All, Both Men And Women Need To Remember That Everything We Hear, Isn’t Always The Truth And We Should STOP MAKING IT OUR PRIORITY IN SOCIETY TO PICK UP AND SHARE OUT WHAT OTHERS GIVE US. (Let’s Not Even Get Into The Males That Competing With The Blue Parrots That Passed Through Big Red Gates).

To My Fellow Brother’s In Society, Women Will Forever Have Something To Say About Us But It Is Our Priority To Ensure That ‘Our’s’ Know Who We Really Are. Before We Make Decisions, We Should Reason Within Ourselves For As Long As It Takes Your Conscience To Make Better Choices.

I’ve Never Thought That I Was Better Than Anyone, I Just Knew To Myself That I Didn’t Need Certain Energy Around Me. This Caused Me To Learn From An Early Age Not To Be Concerned About Protecting My Name But To Protect My Peace And Not Care What Others Had To Say About Me. Their 2 Cents Doesn’t Make My Dollar, My 98 Does…