Two DNA Results Proves He’s Not the Father!

Aman heartbrokenly reported that after being together with his girlfriend for 3 years, he had to end the relationship. His mother’s suspicision helped him to discover his girlfriend’s deception. “The one wish that I’ve been praying for finally came through when I found out that she was 6 weeks pregnant. I was extremely excited. Immediately, I started preparing for the baby. I bought him every single thing; from bag to the crib, she didn’t put in a cent.” According to the man, at the time his girlfriend wasn’t working so the responsibility of getting the necessary items were left up to him. However, he said that he had no problem since he was super excited for his son’s arrival.

The day had finally come for the birth of his son. “My mother was a bit reluctant at first when she came to the hospital and noticed that the baby did not favor me nor his mother.” He said that from since that day, his mother would not stop nagging him about the baby’s looks. “Due to her constant nagging, I started paying close attention to the baby. Even though I had small doubts in my head. I still proceeded in giving the child my name and I continued to take care of him.”

“6 months later, as a means of giving myself a peace of mind, I decided to take a paternity test. The results showed that the child was not mine. I felt like my world had turned upside down. The one thing in this world that I could actually claim as my own was not mine.” After he found out the devastating news, he immediately confronted his girlfriend. “She told me that the test was inaccurate and we should take over a next one with all three of us.”

The man reported that he did over the test, however, he had already planned a birthday trip which caused him to be off the island when the results came out. “On the day of my birthday, I got an email saying AGAIN that the child is not mine.” For the second time, he had to endure the fact that the one person that was most precious and valuable to him was not his.  “As I soon as I got back to Antigua, I started the process of getting my name off the birth certificate.” He said that he had to pay all the legal fees “because she was too childish and too upset to jump in and assist like I was the one that did her something for her to be mad about.”

Out of curiosity, MUB asked the man if he knows who the baby belongs to. He said that when he first asked her who the baby really belonged to, she told him that she got raped. She later changed her mouth and said that it belongs to her ex. However, the final word is, she doesn’t know who the baby belongs to.

MUB sympathizes with the man and hopes that one day he will have a child to call his own.